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Welcome to Marist's American Chemical Society!


Spring 2019 Chemistry Review Sessions:

Organic Chemistry Review Sessions with Richard Monsky:

Tuesday Nights, 5-7PM, DN 236


        General Chemistry Review Sessions with Aidan Nowakowski:                       

Tuesday Nights, 7-9PM, DN 211




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Spring 2019

ACS Meeting/Gen Chem Review

 HC 2023 & 7-9PM


Gen Chem II Review I

Gen Chem II Review II

Gen Chem II Review III

Mon, Feb 11th

Mon, March 25th

Mon, April 29th



Executive Board

  • Advisor: Dr. Jocelyn Nadeau
  • President: Richard Monsky
  • Vice President : Frederick Darcy
  • Treasurer: Aidan Nowakowski
  • Secretary: Patrick McShea
  • Webmaster: Ryan Witte