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Mole Day 2019

Each year, our devoted chemistry lovers gather at 6:02 AM on October 23 to toast the mole and Avogadro, who developed Avogadro's constant: 6.0221415 x 1023.  We gather at home base (Donnelly Hall), drink a mole of water, and then enjoy breakfast together at our favorite diner!  Enjoy the photos of all the tired faces.

mole day 1

mole day 2

mole day 3

mole day 4

mole day 5

mole day 6

mole day 7

mole day 8

mole day 9




Fall 2019

ACS Meeting/Gen Chem Review

Located in HC 2023 

 Gen Chem I Review I     

     Mon, Sept 23rd  7-9PM

Gen Chem I Review II     

     Mon, Oct 21st  5-6:45PM

Gen Chem I Review III     

     Mon, Nov 25th, 7-9PM




Executive Board

  • Advisor: Dr. Jocelyn Nadeau
  • President: Richard Monsky
  • Vice President : Frederick Darcy
  • Treasurer: Aidan Nowakowski
  • Secretary: Patrick McShea
  • Webmaster: Ryan Witte