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     The ACS club is a registered student affiliate chapter of the national American Chemical Society.  Currently, we have 84 members.  Our primary goal is to impart our passion for chemistry to fellow students in the department, around campus, as well as in the local community. 

     Some of our major events include hosting general chemistry review sessions and “family night” activities for local school aged children.  Our upperclassmen members enjoy facilitating general chemistry students as they are exposed to chemistry for the first time in their college career.  This has become an important tradition of the club.  Similarly, during National Chemistry Week, the club invites local children to the Marist chemistry labs for a night of chemistry fun!  While children and their parents enjoy a night of chemistry demonstrations, club members are given the opportunity to excite local youth about chemistry.  This event has grown and become known in the community.  Additional National Chemistry week events include Mole Day and the “Chem Bowl”.  On October 23 at 6:02 AM the club meets in Donnelly Hall to toast the mole and Avogadro by drinking a mole of water together.  At the “Chem Bowl” students from local colleges gather to compete in the ultimate chemistry quiz. 

     The club has a very close relationship with the faculty of the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics, and would like to thank the entire School of Science for aiding with events. 



Spring 2019

ACS Meeting/Gen Chem Review

 HC 2023 & 7-9PM


Gen Chem II Review I

Gen Chem II Review II

Gen Chem II Review III

Mon, Feb 11th

Mon, March 25th

Mon, April 29th



Executive Board

  • Advisor: Dr. Jocelyn Nadeau
  • President: Richard Monsky
  • Vice President : Frederick Darcy
  • Treasurer: Aidan Nowakowski
  • Secretary: Patrick McShea
  • Webmaster: Ryan Witte