Advertising Club


Advertising Club

Our goal is to provide our members with real life learning opportunities and guidance to better prepare them for life after Marist. 


-Screening Nights (Art & Copy) (Greatest Movie Ever Sold) 

-AWNY Conference

-Guest Speakers

-Agency Tours 

-Diversity Events (Ad's From Around the World)

-Logo Contest 

-Portfolio Day 

-Campaign Day 

-Resume Day 



February 18, 2014 2nd General Meeting
 March 11, 2014 3rd General Meeting
April 1, 2014 4th General Meeting
April 2, 2014 Safety Event
 April 15, 2014  5th General Meeting

 May 6, 2014

 Final General Meeting

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Kathy Boyle
  • President: Nicole Childers
  • VP: Kelly Wall
  • Treasurer: Alex Mobijohn
  • Secretary: Melissa Yee
  • Web Designer: Mary Nickerson