SGA Financial Board - Allocation Information


Financial Board Spring 2014 Allocation

Welcome Club Leaders!  Allocations for the Spring 2014 semester will be announced soon.

All Allocation forms must be turned in with an electronic and printed/signed copy:

  • 1 Printed Copy, SIGNED to the CFO's Mailbox in the Student Government Office (Student Center, next to College Activities)
  • 3 Electronic Copies, to,, and
  • ALL copies must be received by 5:00 PM on the designated deadline date in order for your Allocation Request to be considered.  Allocation Requests with missing copies will NOT be accepted and Allocations received LATE will NOT be accepted.

Listed on the right side you will find information on How to Fill Out an Allocation Form, The Financial Board Handbook, and Allocation Form.  There is also an Informational Presentation on the allocation process from the Financial Board workshops this fall.

There is also information on other Financial Board processes in case you need a refresher.


Please email the SGA CFO at if you have ANY questions.  Allocations can be a very stressful time for Club Leaders and we want to make sure that all of your questions are answered now and your allocations are turned in correctly AND on-time!

Need More Help?

Stop by the SGA Office (next to College Activities in the Student Center) if you have any allocation questions or email the SGA CFO at



Spring 2013 RE-Allocation

DUE November 21st

5:00 PM November 21st! 



Executive Board

Chief Financial Officer
Madeline Kachou

VP for Club Affairs
Samantha DeVito

Chief Information Officer
David Gunter