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Alpha Phi Delta


   Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity was founded in 1914 at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York,        by a group of men with Italian roots. While initially founded as a social society, it evolved into        one of the most unique of American college fraternities. It has retained its focus by attracting          select men at some of the best colleges and universities in the United States. A majority of Alpha    Phi Delta men and Chapters are campus leaders. Alpha Phi Delta experiences has helped many      of its nearly 20,000 lifelong members to become top leaders in all facets of life.

   We welcome you whether you are a prospective member, a current Undergraduate Brother, an      Alumnus Brother, or just someone interested, to explore our uniquely distinguished organization.    Here you will find information about the history and traditions of Alpha Phi Delta, about our            organization, and about our chapters and their host institutions.

   The Delta Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta has a long history of excellence on the Marist              College campus.  Alpha Phi Delta was the first Greek organization to become a part of the            Marist community.  Since this chapter's inception, hundreds of Marist Students have had the            distinct privilege of becoming a brother in this lasting organization.  


A message from our Chapter President


    The Delta Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity is comprised of leaders, scholars, and most importantly, gentlemen. Over the past couple of years, our chapter has become one of the elite chapters in our national fraternity.Our chapter and the brothers from our chapter have won many prestigious awards in the recent past. Our chapter was deemed the National Most Improved Chapter and the National Most Outstanding Chapter awards. Several of our brothers have also won substantial scholarships through the fraternity for their high academic standing.

    Furthermore, brothers from our chapter have held and currently hold leadership roles in many other clubs and activities on campus, including Student Body President, Class President, Accounting, Finance, and IS Honor Society President, Psychology Honor Society President, Campus Ministry Advisory Board, National Resident Hall Honorary Executive Board, and Greek Council President to name a few. We strive to make this community a better place and to have a good time in the process. Many people go through their entire college experience without understanding the true meaning of a fraternity.

   Alpha Phi Delta is a fraternity that stands for family, leadership, chivalry, and self-creation through the guidance in a brotherhood. The fraternity focuses on development and professional growth. Find a brother on-campus or reach out to us to grasp a better understanding of what being a brother of Alpha Phi Delta is all about.

Best Regards,

Matthew J Rahtelli
2016 Chapter President
Cell: 203-885-4987


Mondays Weekly Chapter Meeting

Executive Board

  • President:
  •      Matthew Rahtelli
  • Vice President:
  •      Christopher Deisenroth
  • Treasurer:
  •      Connor Keefe
  • Secretary:
  •      Matteo Vitale