(Appreciating Races and Creating Opportunities)


Appreciating Races & Creating Opportunities, the ambition of A.R.C.O is to appreciate and bring together a variety of cultures here at Marist College and unify the campus community. We explore various countries and educate the  Marist family at large through an exposure to music, art, history, literature, cuisine, and other cultural mediums. We consider ourselves and all- inclusive club and welcome members of all races to help us in our continued exploration and understanding of the influences the global community has on us all. Our goal is to build a family and have fun while generating a proactive and productive example for the students.

Furthermore, we strive to engage our members in the wealth of opportunities available to those seeking internships, scholarships, study abroad experiences, and other means of professional development in today's increasingly competitive 21st century environment. This is achieved through guest speakers as well as consistent emails/announcements of college and external opportunities. We will send out emails for all our meetings and events taking place and will always keep you updated. Meetings are every Tuesday at 9:15 p.m, mostly in the Student Center Rotunda with the exception of special events. We hope to see you there!




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Introductory Social- Jan. 31, 2017

Evolution of Television- Feb. 7, 2017

Guest Speaker- Feb 14, 2017

"Live at the Apollo"- Feb 16, 2017

"13th" Movie Screening- Feb 22, 2017

Dominican Independence-Feb 27, 2017

Sex Feud- March 7, 2017

Community Service- March 23, 2017