A.R.C.O's Laws and Responsibilities

Article IV-Officers

A. President shall:

i) Be the chief officer and administrative head of the club.
ii) Preside at all meetings. In the event that the President is unable to chair the meetings, the Vice-President shall chair the meetings.
iii) Have the power to appoint positions or committees by advice and consent of the general membership.
iv) Countersign with the Treasurer on all financial transactions.
v) Cast no vote except in elections or executive board decisions.
vi) Shall give a President's report at every membership meeting.
vii) Schedule and create any event that caters to members.
viii) Appoint guest speakers and lead meetings.
ix) Perform other duties as deemed necessary.
x) Have the power to modify laws and rules.
xi) Possesses the authority to change the aim of ARCO, and what the goals for the group are.

B. Vice-President shall

i) Perform all duties of the President in their absence, removal, or at their request.
ii) Serve as the Presidents chief aid and confident.
iii) Oversee all standing committees.
iv) Serve as a liaison between the club and the college.
v) Be responsible for all internal and external affairs.
vi) Have the authority to schedule events.
vii) Perform other duties as deemed necessary.

C. Secretary shall

i) Log the minutes at every meeting and achieve them.
ii) Be responsible for all incoming and outgoing correspondence.
iii) Maintain attendance records of all meetings.
iv) Contact all internal guests.
v) Notify all members of all meetings.
vi) Perform other duties as deemed necessary.

D. Treasure shall

i) Be responsible for the financial matters of the organization.
ii) Keep account and a record of all monies used and given to the organization.
iii) Countersign all financial transactions with the President.
iv) Assist the President in preparing the budget and managing the account of expenditure of the organization.
v) Prepare strategies for fund-raising and all other major events.
vi) Perform other duties as deemed necessary.

E. Public Relations shall

i) Be responsible for all social functions in conjunction with the President.
ii) Advertise all events and meetings (Creating flyers and posters, as well as attaining Marist College approval).
iii) Distribute email announcement s for select events.
iv) Be responsible for organizing cultural programs for the Marist community.
v) Be responsible for Student Activities paperwork regarding room reservations for all meetings and events.
vi) Perform all duties as deemed necessary.

F. Community service Leader

i) Partake in all dated and organized community service events
ii) Arrange, or create appropriate community service events on campus for group participation
iii) Keep record of member's participation in scheduled activities
iv) Send Email updates of scheduled events in a timely fashion (notifying members time in advance)

Article V - Elections

a. Any member can nominate an eligible candidate for office in the Executive Board. The nominees are to be given the opportunity to accept or decline the nomination. Voting for each candidate shall be done by secret ballot and a majority vote wins. In the event of a tie the Vice-President shall cost a vote.
b. Terms of all offices shall be for one academic year, beginning at the last meeting of the spring semester.

Article VI - Meetings

a. Members shall attend all weekly meetings. The exact time and place shall be set by the Executive Board.
b. Quorum will be established when at least fifty percent of the membership is present. If the quorum is not conducted, no business will be conducted for that day.

Article VI - Committees

a. Committees shall be overseen by the Vice President.

Article VII - Parliamentary Procedure

a. Unless suspended, all meetings will be run according to Club By-Laws, Newly Revised.

Article VIII - Amendment to the By-Laws

a. The by-laws may be amended by majority vote of the members provided that the quorum is present. If such amendment passes by the majority, it must then be presented to the Student Government Association for final approval.

Article IX - Policies and Actions

a. The Club and any individual associated with said club shall abide and conform to all Federal Laws, New York State Laws, all rules and regulations of Marist College, and all directives of the Student Government Association. Any violation of the aforementioned criteria may result in the disciplinary action taken on the Club charter.

Article X – E-Board Dismissal

a. If someone is not performing their job to their best capacity, the E-Board can choose to take the position away from him/her and revote for a new E-Board Member. One must follow the guidelines of their duties and responsibilities.



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