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The Crane Project



Due to a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Marist College and Asian Alliance will be hosting an event with help from Zeta Psi Interest Group, The Crane Project (1,000 Cranes = 1 Wish for Japan).

Our goal is to fundraise over $1,000 in donations to benefit the American Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Effort.

The crane in Japan is a mystical creature and is said to live for a thousand years and brings good luck. Folding 1,000 paper origami cranes makes one wish come true. With this event Asian Alliance and the Marist community wish to give Japan and its people hope and strength in these difficult times.

Everyone participating in this event will be able to learn to fold a paper crane from the Asian Alliance and Zeta Psi Interest Group eBoard members and make a suggested donation of $1 or more, all donations will benefit the American Red Cross' effort in the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. 


With the collaborative efforts of the Class of 2014, we donated a total of $952.45 to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.



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Executive Board

Advisor: Sea Na