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Executive Committee Contacts

President: Leandra Perelli          Email:

Vice President of Operations: Mary-Kate Morris        Email:

Vice President of Growth: Sara Kaseta        Email:

Vice President of Finance: Jackie Sgobbo      Email:

Vice President of Organization Development: Adrianna Lerga         Email:

Vice President of Member Development: Isabela Bettamio         Email:

Vice President of Community Relations: Maggie Kelly       Email:

Director of New Member Education: Amanda Gazzo         Email:



PS I Love You Day
February 5 
Recruitment Night 1 
February 10
Recruitment Night 2
February 12
Recruitment Night 3
February 14
Preference Party
February 16
Bid Day
February 23

Executive Board

Leandra Perelli 
VP of Operations
Mary-Kate Morris
VP of Finance
Jackie Sgobbo
VP of Member Development
Isabela Bettamio 
VP of Growth
Sara Kaseta 
VP of Organizational Development
Adrianna Lerga
VP of Community Relations
Maggie Kelly 
Sara DaCunto 
Ann Sandri