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The Marist College Band

The Marist College Band involves approximately 150 students performing in a variety of ten ensembles. The namesake and largest of these ensembles is The Marist College Band. The band performs full symphonic concert programs of standard band literature, tours nationally, prepares a half-time show each Fall for performance at home football games, and performs at Marist home basketball games and at the MAAC Basketball Championship Tournament that occurs the first weekend in March. Membership in this large ensemble entitles the student to also participate as a member of the Brass Ensemble, Flute Choir, Jazz Foxes Percussion Ensemble, Wind Symphony, and Woodwind Ensemble. Other ensembles that flourish under the 'umbrella' of The Marist College Band include Chamber Strings, Guitar Ensemble, Handbell Choir, and The Marist College Orchestra. 

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A Brief History

One evening in January 1986, an Army Black Knight transformed into a Marist Red Fox. Little did he know that this transformation would be the start of an unmatched musical legacy on the east bank of the Hudson River. When Sgt. Major Arthur B. Himmelberger took his first steps on the Marist campus, he was met by two trumpets and a nearly insurmountable challenge- create a band.

On that winter evening, Art was charged to bring that little band to Madison Square Garden to represent the Red Foxes at a basketball game. Unabashed, Art led this group down to Manhattan and thus embarked on a 29 year journey. Art often speaks of the "power of two" and this power has realized a band of more than 120 members.

Under Art's directorship, the music program has steadily grown in both quality of musicians and quantity of performers. The music program currently supports approximately 400 performers through wind and string ensembles, and a number of vocal ensembles- an amazing accomplishment for a school that does not have a music major. Through Art's dedication, the band has developed a reputation on the national stage. The band represents Marist Athletics in local and national tournaments. Additionally, the Marist Band has been selected to host the 2012 Association of Concert Bands National Convention, an honor and privilege in the world of concert bands.

Art's determination provides inspiration to his student performers. Regardless of the band's numerous successes and accolades, Art takes the stance that the music program is always "half way there". This attitude encourages students to push harder to find their passion in music. Musicians at Marist will never rest on the laurels of a beautiful performance. Art has inspired students to continue to challenge themselves to not only play diverse and increasingly difficult pieces, but to share the gift of music to those around them.

If you were to ever ask Art what he is most proud of from the band, he speaks of the thousands of young men and women that have built the program along with him over the past 29 years. He speaks of the many alumni who first met each other when they arrived at music camp, shared their love of music and have now started families of future Marist musicians.

Making music is only part of the lesson learned in the Marist Band. To Art, it isn't just about band. It is all about the relationships forged from participating in music. Music is a part of everyone's life, and for the past 29 years, the Marist Band has been helping students live their lives to the fullest.



Upcoming Events:

Nov. 21 - Marist Football vs.
               Morehead State
Nov. 22 - Red, White, and Blue,
               We All Thank You
               (12 PM & 4 PM)

Ensemble Schedule:

Monday -
     Woodwind Ens.    @ 6:30pm
     Brass Ens.          @ 6:30pm
     Symphonic Band  @ 8:00pm
Tuesday -
     Handbell Choir      @ 5:00pm
     Percussion Ens.   @ 5:00pm
Wednesday -
     Guitar Ens.           @ 6:30pm
     Orchestra             @ 7:30pm
     Jazz Foxes          @ 9:00pm
Thursday -
     Flute Choir           @ 6:30pm
     Marching Band     @ 9:00pm

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