Marist Band


Music at Marist

The Marist Band involves approximately 150 students performing in a variety of ten ensembles. The namesake and largest of these ensembles is the Marist Band. The band performs full symphonic concert programs of standard band literature, tours nationally, prepares a half-time show each Fall for performance at home football games, performs at Marist home basketball games and at the MAAC Basketball Championship Tournament which occurs the first weekend in March. Membership in this large ensemble entitles the student to also participate as a member of the Brass Ensemble, Flute Choir, Jazz Foxes, Percussion Ensemble, Wind Symphony, and Woodwind Ensemble. Other ensembles that flourish under the 'umbrella' of the Marist Band include Chamber Strings, Guitar Ensemble, Handbell Choir, and Orchestra. 

Marist Band Email:



Upcoming Events:

Sun. May, 5

Spring Concert - 12pm @ Culinary Institute of America






Ensemble Schedule:

6:30 pm - Brass Ensemble
6:30 pm - Woodwind Ensemble
8:00 pm - Symphonic Band

5:00 pm - Handbell Choir
5:00 pm - Percussion Ensemble

6:30 pm - Orchestra

6:30 pm - Guitar Ensemble
9:00 pm - Jazz Foxes

6:30 pm - Flute Choir
9:00 pm - Wind Symphony


Executive Board

  • President:
  • Will Link 

  • VP of Symphonic Bands:
  • Aeka Lauderdale

  • VP of Athletic Bands:
  • J.r. Aldarelli 

  • Secretary:
  • Matthew Badia

  • Webmaster:
  • Emilie Ricciardi 

  • Orchesta President:
  • Brianna D'Amico

  • Treasurer:
  • Brennan Durate

  • Faculty Advisor:
  • Michael Napolitano