Student Booster Club


Student Booster Club


Our next general meeting will be held on Feb. 11 at 9:30, Location Cabaret

Community service events will be posted shortly, look for emails about the links to our pages!

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Who we are:

The Marist Student Booster Club is Marist’s official student fan club. Along with the Band, the Dance Team and the Cheerleaders, we are Red Fox Nation. The Student Booster Club provides students the opportunity to show their school spirit at Marist Athletic events while interacting with their classmates.

Joining is simple! Become a member of our Facebook group: Marist Student Booster Club.  This will allow you to receive event invitations and important club messages.

Join the Marist Student Booster Club and be a part of Red Fox Nation!

"This is an unbelievable atmosphere. It made me want to go back and have some eligibility back. And I want to play and I want to go to Marist College to play. It's unbelievable here. Your students -- so refreshing. On college campuses across the country, there is student apathy when it comes to sports. And not here. Everybody was here and involved from warm-up to the final buzzer of overtime. It was just a fantastic atmosphere for women's college basketball and we feel honored to be a part of it."                                                                                         -Oklahoma Head Coach Sherri Coale


Go Red Foxes!





Upcoming Events Schedule:

Feb. 6, 7 PM- Men's Basketball

Feb 12th, 5 PM- Women's Basketball

Feb 12th, 8 PM- Men's Basketball

Feb. 14th, 7 PM- Women's Basketball
Feb. 20th, 5 PM- Women's Basketball
Feb. 20th, 9 PM- Men's Basketball
Feb. 21st, 3 PM- Water Polo
Feb. 22nd, 12 PM- Women's Lacrosse
Feb. 23rd, 7 PM- Men's Basketball
Feb. 27th- 7 PM- Men's Basketball

Executive Board

  • President:Michelle Ruel
  • VP: Michelle Waters
  • Art Director: Meghan Deasy
  • Advisor: Andy Alongi