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Priority Point Information

Every recognized club at Marist College has the potential to yield two priority points per semester to its members. 

To earn one point you must: Attend at least 50% of meetings and events held.

To earn two points you must: Attend 50% of meetings, 75% of events, and the community service event. Be mindful that there may only be one or two community service events held. 


Please contact Spencer Hogan, our President, at or our Secretary, Ian Miller, at with questions directed specifically toward Priority Points. 


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Priority Points Information

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Next meeting: Fall 2018!

Dates for meetings will be

announced shortly




Executive Board

President: Spencer W. Hogan

Vice President: Allison Ret

Treasurer: Michael Perdios

Secretary: Ian Miller

Community Service: Hailey Conger

Webmaster: Victoria Viglioti

Faculty Advisors:

John Finnigan

Carol Friedman

Jay Pantaleo