Dance Ensemble



We hope this page gives you a little taste of MCDE and what some of our members have to say about their favorite club on campus! If you’re interested in joining Dance Ensemble, we’re sure you have lots of questions! All of these questions will be covered in detail at our first general meeting in the fall but here’s a head start!



Never danced before? That’s fine there’s a dance for you! Have you danced your whole life? Great, we have a dance for you too!

Our dances range through all levels with all styles from beginner to advanced and there is no audition process for dancers. Each semester choreographers audition and are chosen to give our club the most variety it can offer. There is an email sign up process that will be explained further at the meeting and we guarantee that each dancer get into AT LEAST ONE DANCE!

How are classes run?

Your schedule is up to you. Pick classes that fit into your schedule. Each dance holds class once a week and is usually hosts 24-30 dancers. Our classes are run as rehearsals for your dance. It all leads up to rehearsal week and a showcase at the end of each semester! We do not offer technique classes.

Do I have to spend money on costumes?

Each choreographer is encouraged to create a costume that fits a college student’s budget. Choreographers can purchase items to design their costumes or use some of our options in storage. Either way no choreographer can ask for more than $10 from a dancer toward costumes.

Where do we perform?

In the fall semester our showcase is held off campus at a local high school (transportation is provided for dancers without cars) and in the spring we perform right on campus in the McCann Center!

Can I be a choreographer?

In order to be a choreographer you must participate in our audition process at the beginning of the semester. However, freshmen are not permitted to choreograph until their second semester.




Our Spring 2019 show dates are Saturday , April 13th and Sunday, April 14th!

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