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President's Notes and Testimonials

As President of MCDE, I welcome you to a club that has become so much more than just a club to me over the last 3 years.  When I signed up for a few classes at the beginning of my freshman year, I had no idea that this club would become such a huge part of my life and college career.  MCDE has given me a home away from home, some of the best friends in the world, and has taught me things that you can’t learn out of a textbook.  Most importantly, it gives anyone at Marist the opportunity to dance, whether they’ve been dancing since they were three years old or if it’s something they just started.  Regardless of your experience in dance, you will find a place within MCDE and see just how amazing it can be.  I could probably talk about how great this club is for days, but I’d like you to see what some of our other dancers and alumni have to say about MCDE!
-Dana Murano, Class of 2014 


Being a self-taught dancer, I feel MCDE allows dancers of all levels, experiences, and genres to come together. Together, we create a show that the entire Marist community looks forward to each semester. I have never felt intimidated in dance, and was able to cultivate my own talent in hip-hop to be one of MCDE’s self-taught choreographers. I am just one example of how it doesn’t matter what level you start at in this club- we welcome everyone and are eager to learn and grow as dancers together. Without MCDE I never would’ve learned some of the technical skills I now possess, or been able to showcase my own choreography. This ensemble is truly an amazing activity to participate in at Marist and my most memorable college experience.

-Kara Sellix, Class of 2013


Joining MCDE was one of the best decisions I made freshman year! Dance has been a huge part of my life since I was little, making me that much more excited and making my expectations that much higher when I joined. MCDE allows me to expand my love of dance with many different styles, and even try new things. In only a year I’ve made so many friends and grown as a dancer and a person. The welcoming atmosphere is there from day one allowing dancers of all levels and ages to share a love of dance and expression! The classes let everyone take a break from their crazy lives and live in the world of dance for a while. I know I have made friends that will last a lifetime that I would not have gotten the chance to meet otherwise! I love MCDE!!
-Samantha Soprano, Class of 2016 


Being a dancer, Marist College Dance Ensemble was one of the first clubs I looked into as a freshman. I had no idea what to expect so I joined a few classes to see what was going to happen… I LOVED IT! I met so many people and found friends I know I will have forever! After one semester I knew I wanted to take it to the next level and become a choreographer. I literally have never had a better feeling than when my dancers expressed how they loved my class. This club not only brings people together but lets them share something amazing and unique through emotion. Even if you are not a dancer, take a chance, do something, you won’t regret it! "Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor" So get on the dance floor! As excited as I am to study abroad next semester, being away from MCDE is going to be hard. I live for those classes, to get a break from the craziness of a typical day. Seeing students around my age come up with these amazing ideas is something I look forward to every year! I am eager to see what is next for this club because it keeps growing and expanding not only in members but talent. Without MCDE my college experience would not have been the same.

-Jenn Ford, Class of 2014


MCDE was one of the best parts about my freshman year. Not only did it introduce me to many of my best friends and let me keep dancing, but it got me involved with the school on multiple levels. My first semester I did a lot of community service and then by second semester I was on the board, which allowed me to make a difference in both the club and the school as only a freshman. I really love MCDE. It's given me so many opportunities, a creative outlet, and a home away from home. My first year at Marist would not have been the same without it.

-Trina Cardamone, Class of 2015


I have been dancing all of my life and wanted to continue in college. One of the reasons I loved Marist when looking at schools was its student-run dance club, MCDE. Being a part of this club was easily the highlight of my freshman year. Everyone in this club is so friendly and everyone shares the same passion and love for dance, which made me feel like I fit in. My favorite part is the variety of classes offered to take. I loved taking everything from ballet to tap and jazz, and having the opportunity to choreograph just makes this club even greater. Without this club, my freshman year at Marist would not have been the incredible year that it was.
-Kristina Lanza, Class of 2016 
Without hesitation I can say that MCDE played a major role in helping me to adapt to Marist College as a freshman. It is always an extremely friendly environment where you are able to take any types of dance classes you'd like and also meet new people at the same time. This club allowed me to try something I'd never done before and choreograph for a group of people that then performed the dance and truly made my vision come to life. It is amazing to see such a dedicated group of people share the same passion and not only grow as individuals but as a club as well.
-Lauren Rubis, Class of 2016 

Coming into freshmen year I automatically knew I wanted to join MCDE given that I have been a dancer since I was three years old, and this is a decision I will never regret. MCDE has made my experience at Marist all the more great. I decided to sign up for several classes and I can honestly say I had the greatest time being in this club. Everyone I have met was extremely friendly and welcoming. Seeing students create these amazing dances really inspired me and even gave me the inspiration to try to choreograph in the future. With this, I also flourished in my technique while being apart of these different dances. I was extremely happy that there were so many different genres of dance that I could be apart of, from contemporary to hip-hop to jazz. This allowed me to explore different styles of dance that I have never been apart of but am now ecstatic that I did chose to take these classes. I definitely plan on continuing being apart of this amazing club for the rest of my time at Marist and I would recommend to anyone to join MCDE.

  -Stephanie Ottomanelli, Class of 2016 


MCDE made my college experience. It was one of the reasons I chose Marist. The club gave me friends that I never would have met otherwise; these people ended up becoming some of my best friends. It brings together Marist students from all different grades and majors. Most importantly, MCDE gave me the opportunity to keep dancing. Dance had always been a huge part of my life and continued to be throughout college. Looking back at my Marist experience, most of it involved MCDE and I know that I will always be part of the MCDE family. I can't wait to come back for shows as an alum because the opportunities for this club are endless and I’m excited to see it grow.

-Arianna Cesa, Class of 2012 (President 2010-2012)


When I think back to my experience at Marist College, Dance Club is one of the first thoughts that come to mind. I don't know what I would have spent my free time doing if it wasn't for the amazing club I began to know and love. It was a wonderful way to meet people, learn new styles of dance, and continue to do what I love! It was a place where I met some of my best friends, roommates and talented dancers. I am an alumni e-board member and am blown away each time I come back to visit and see a show with how the club has grown not only in size but in overall talent. Whether you are an experienced dancer, or new to the floor this club has something for you!

-Johanna Valente, Class of 2010 (President 2008-2010)




Our Spring 2019 show dates are Saturday , April 13th and Sunday, April 14th!

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