Marist Clubs & Organizations


How to Become a Member

Follow the instructions listed below if you wish to become a member of DEM.

1. Fill out the DEM Member Application PDF Document. All you need to do is just click inside of the boxes and start typing.

**2. For the signature section, go to "Fill & Sign" on Adobe Acrobat and click on "Sign" and place your signature on the line. For the date section, go to "Edit PDF" and than "Add Text" to the line.

3. When you have finished filling out the form, save it as LastName_DEMApplication.

4. Finally, email the completed application to with a small message and application attached. (email subject line is already prefilled for you as "DEM - Application", so please don't change)

Delta Epsilon Mu Application Upsilon Chapter


Executive Board

President: Megan Klem

Vice President: Zachary Schultz

Secretary: Rama Ahmad

Treasurer: Robert Kunar

Fundraising: Rodina Abdelhady

Philanthropy: Christian Schroeder

Historian: Shannon McCaffery

Director of Prospects: Richard Marino  

Director of Prospects: Kristina Thompson

National Liaison: Caileen O'Keefe

Public Relations: Gabrielle Lambeth