Equestrian Team


 Show Team 2016-2017  


Show Team 2016-2017
Mia Fellin - Captain 
Charlotte Harrison - Captain
Molly Linde- Secretary 
Monica Leljedal - Treasurer 
Blake Portmann - Social Media Coordinator
Connor Murphy -  Social Chair 
Bernadette Hogan
Natalie Vayda
Kyle Anne Belle
Christina Scurto
Jordan Upright
Shayna Fielding
Sarah Held
Claire Mino
Megan Sikorski
Remy Snook
Kayla Torter
Sarah Valentine
Alyssa Bellini
Sarah Coshal
Kerstin Boehm
Sarah Levi
Emily Buchanan
Amy Pitts
Katie Burke
Casey Ingles
Haley Ryan
Nicky Gomez
Nika Gardner
Sam Creamer
Tristen Cascio
Elizabeth Cohen
Club Team 
Megan Reinman
Kaela Brunetti


Team Accomplishments


2016 Season 

December 3 at Ohio University 

Congratulations to the Marist Equestrian Team for their 8th place overall finish out of 20 of the country's top teams at the Holiday Tournament of Champions! So proud of these ladies for a great team effort!

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November 19 at Centenary College Equestrian Center


Congratulations to our team on another successful show! Jordan Upright, Emily Buchanan, Connor Murphy and Mia Fellin all had blue ribbon rides, and the team finished up the Zone 3 Region Fall semester sitting in 2nd place in the rankings, but within striking distance of Centenary! The Marist Equestrian Team has also been of of the top 20 teams nationwide invited compete in the Holiday Tournament of Champions. The first weekend of December we will be sending a small group of riders to compete in this prestigious event in Ohio. Also, a special shout out to Senior Sarah Emslie who competed in her final IHSA show today. Sarah will be graduating in December and preparing to head off to medical school. Thank you Sarah for your commitment to the team- we will miss you!


October 1st at Crosswinds Equestrian Center 

Congratulations to the Marist Equestrian Team on yet another great show... And maintaining the lead in the regional standings by earning 40 points again!Special congratulations to Mia Fellin who won BOTH of her classes and earned High Point Rider! Congrats to Jordan Upright, Connor Murphy, Megan Sikorski, Nika Gardner and Sarah Valentine who also won their respective classes!Thank you Susan Clark and everyone from SUNY New Paltz for a great show, and to Lorena Passi, Taylor Knapp, Maddy Rideout and everyone from Crosswinds for all their help!

  October 15 at Centenary College Equestrian Center 

Fun day at the USMA Halloween Extravaganza! Very solid day across the board, with some great rides. Congratulations to Connor Murphy and Jordan Upright on tying for High Point Rider and getting the opportunity to compete in a ride off- what a bonus, and better than a question! Congratulations to Nika Gardner and Megan Sikorski in their wins as well! Big thank you to Lorena for all her help today, and also to Natalie Vayda, Claire Mino and Bernadette Jane for leading Sumo costume brigade!


September 24 at Crosswinds Equestrian Center 

Congratulations to the Marist College Equestrian Team for winning their season opener by a large margin! We had a great day with fantastic rides and top ribbons in every level!  Special shout out to Blake Portmann for earning High Point Rider, and to Jordan Upright for tying for Reserve High Point Rider- both in their IHSA debuts!  Marist also had blue ribbon rides from Sarah Levi, Claire Mino, Christina Scurto and Shayna Fielding- amazing! Big thank you to our Captain Charlotte Harrison for all her hard work to help us have a wonderful home show, to Sarah Emslie and Claire for managing the barn/horses, and to everyone who pitched in to make today a success, including Lorena, Paige Anderson, Taylor Cechini, Jessica Tozzo, and of course, Taylor Knapp! We have a strong team with lots of depth, and I am so excited for our upcoming season! Thank you to everyone everyone for contributing to our success!









February 11  Marist at Crosswinds
February 19 Marist at Crosswinds
March 25

 Centenary at Centenary 

April 1 

Regionals at Crosswinds

April 8

Zones at Centenary 




Executive Board


Clare Knapp 


Charlotte Harrison

Mia Fellin 


Monica Lelijedal 


Molly Linde

Social Media Coordinator: 

Blake Portmann 

Social Chair: 

Connor Murphy