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Food Recovery Network

The  Food Recovery Network  is a student movement against food waste in America. Everyday, our Cafeteria makes hundreds of pounds of food. What the students don’t eat, would typically just be thrown out. This is not environmentally sustainable and it’s just plain wasteful. The club FRN strives to make use of this leftover food by taking the untouched trays of food to local outreach shelters. This way, the food can go to good use and feed families, rather than sitting in the bottom of a dumpster.

The  Marist College  chapter currently delivers to two different locations, five days a week. We collaborate with Youth Mission Outreach and Dutchess Community Outreach. We have formed great relationships with these two agencies and can’t wait to see what the future holds! The students who are a part of this club, are impacting lives every day.

Secondary Section

If you want more information or are interested in getting involved, email!



November  28
Sustainability Cooking Demo with Chef Anthony  
December 6
End of the Year Event with YMO

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Steve Sansola
  • Co-President: Kelsey Seiferth
  • VP: Tina Rapaglia
  • Dining Hall Coordinator:Juliet Orszulak
  • Agency Coordinator: Gina Aragona
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Nicole Ferone
  • PR Representative: Kendall Smith