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We are Marist's official photography club! Welcome to our website!

Important Announcements

Spring 2017 Gallery- April 11th

Come out for a fun-filled evening of photos, food and, mingling.  It is an excellent chance to show off your favorite pictures and mingle with all the other photographers.  There will be a range of different presentation styles of the photos, ranging from prints to slide shows and any other creative and fun way of showcasing your amazing photos!  So start planning on what you wanna show and pencil this into your calendar because it will be a night you will not want to miss!

Writer's Walk 2014

Fox Photo's Tour of NYC with the Literary Art Society is now scheduled for November 8th, 2014! The trip is free to all members of our club. To sign up, email with the subject TRIP, and your name, CWID, emergency contact info, and cell phone number. 

Last week, our members got to recreate famous pieces of art, portraits, and even some awkward family photos. Here's a sneak preview with the eboard's very own recreation. We will unveil everyone's photos at next week's meeting. The best photos will be posted to our Instagram and Tumblr! Good luck to all


Awkward Family Photo 


Fox Photography at the Activities Fair 2014!

Fox Photography saw a great turn out at the Activities fair today, Friday September 5th 2014! Our first meeting will be held THIS THURSDAY, September 11th 2014, at 9:30PM. Check your emails and our Facebook page for a location update!

If you didn't see us at the fair, here's a sample of what you missed...
Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @maristfoxphoto

Activities Fair 2014

Executive Board: Fall 2014

The new executive board has been announced! Please welcome Brittany Molin as our new Treasurer and Rebecca Bosley as our new Secretary. Also, a big congratulations to Kelly Steibler for being elected our new Vice President. The new e-board looks forward to a fantastic semester.

Past Announcements

NYC Bronx Zoo Trip - November 17th

11/17 is our next trip to NYC!

Join us as we take a trip into NYC to visit the Bronx Zoo with Fox Paw. It will cost $15 and we will be leaving Sunday 8:00am in the Donnelly parking lot.

You must sign up ahead of time and seats are limited!

NYC Field Trip - September 21st

Our first field trip event is 9/21.

Join us as we take a trip into NYC and visit various locals for some awesome photography with the Literary Art Society.

More info will be available soon!

First Meeting of Fall 2013

 Welcome, welcome, welcome!  We can't wait to get to know all of you.

Our FIRST MEETING will be in Hancock 1021 this  Tuesday, September 10th 8:00pm.  Please like our Facebook page, Marist Fox Photography, for updates and reminders.  Thanks!

 Photography Contest - Winners Chosen


The winners of the Photography Contest have been chosen!
We are proud to announce the winners which can viewed here. Congratulations! 

Fox Photography would like to thank everyone who entered, and our judges for assisting.

New Executive 2013-2014 Board Announced

Next semester several members of our current e-board are going abroad. We've voted and inducted our new eboard 2013-2014 year. Congratulations!

  • Vice President - William Vrachopoulos
  • Treasurer - Eleonore Julmice
  • Public Relations Officer - Kelly Stiebler

You can find out more about our existing e-board and the new members in the About Us section.







Meetings hosted on Tuesday nights at

9:30 with the rooms changing so

make sure to check the facebook

page for updates!

Meetings are usually held every week

unless otherwise stated.