Marist Clubs & Organizations


Club Bylaws

Article I: Name of the Organization

The name of the organization is Fox Photography, Marist’s photography club

Article II: Purpose of the Organization

To promote the art of photography.

To develop both the technical camera operation skills and artistic perspectives of photography through peer and professional workshops and photography shoots.

To add to the betterment of the campus and community by creating or supporting programs and other organizations through our artwork and photography.

To give members a creative space where they can share and listen to each others through bi-monthly review and critique sessions.

Article III: Membership

Any Marist student is welcome to attend our workshops and major events

To be a member, the student must be part of the undergraduate student body at Marist College.

Members need not be any specific major, but must be willing to attend meetings and participate in events.

Previous experience in photography is not required.

Members must have access to a working camera.

  • Our definition of camera – A device for recording visual images in the form of photographs that excludes iPhones, and other smart phone cameras.
  • Rent/borrow a camera.
  • A DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera is not a requirement, but is encouraged.
  • Small point and shoot cameras are accepted, so long as they can be put into a Programmable or Manual Mode.

Cameras are encourages to be digital over film. If member chooses to use a film camera, the club is not responsible for development and printing of these photos.

At this time there are no required fees or dues to be made by the members. However, members are expected to participate in fundraisers and contribute to offset the cost of certain activities. Financial needs are met through allocated funds, donations, and club created fundraisers.

Membership shall be recognized through registration

Members shall be deemed as such through their attendance at a maximum allowance of one absence per general meeting a semester.

If an officer were to reside from a post during academic year, there are a few general procedures to take up the slack that the officer leaves behind. The bylaws should describe what should be done to fill vacant positions (three options for this: (1) reassign the duties of that office to the other remaining officers until the next election (2) hold an election for that office or (3) have the president appoint that said position).

Article IV: Hazing Policy

The club tolerates no form of hazing whatsoever. Hazing, as defined by the Marist College Division of Judicial Affairs, is “any action, which endangers the mental, emotional, or physical health or safety of a student, or which destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in an organization or team whose members are, or include, students at Marist.” Failure to recognize this policy will result in disciplinary action.

Article V: Meetings

Meetings shall be held at the discretion of the executive board of officers.

The executive board of officers will meet at least twice a month to discuss the status of the committees and any other pertinent information. The previous activities will also be discussed and the goals and agendas for the following events will be determined.

Review sessions of submitted member work may be done towards the end of the meeting.

Article VI: Leadership

The club shall have six officer positions. To hold an officer’s position, one must be an active member for a minimum of at least one academic year.

The officers are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster, and Public Relations. Their duties are as follows:


  • Shall prepare the agendas for all meetings.
  • Shall preside over and run all meetings.
  • Shall be the official spokesperson for internal and external purposes.
  • Shall keep a calendar of upcoming events.

Vice President

  • Shall perform the duties of the President when she/he cannot.
  • Shall assist the President or executive board in anyway.


  • Shall prepare the budget with the direction of the executive board.
  • Shall pay all bills and make all club deposits.
  • Shall keep records and receipts of all club funds and expenses and make a monthly written report to the executive board. The report will include the transactions of the previous month and the balance of club’s account.


  • Shall keep minutes of all regular and executive board meetings.
  • Shall keep attendance records from all meetings.
  • Shall keep an accurate list of all members including names, campus wide ID numbers, and email addresses.
  • Shall send emails to inform all members of activities and meetings.


  • Shall update officer and club information on the website as needed.
  • Shall post at the beginning of each month that month's activities.
  • Shall help promote the club and work with public relations.

Public Relations

  • Shall focus on co-collaboration, the other on submissions
  • Shall be responsible for promoting any events deemed necessary by the executive board.
  • Shall prepare all publicity with the direction and approval of the executive board.

Article VII: Elections

Elections shall be held in the Spring semester as designated by the Activities Calendar, unless an officer needs to be elected at an alternate time.

Members must apply for the position and are reviewed and selected by the current E-board members.

Selected officers serve in their respective positions for one academic year. Existing officers must be renewed each time if an officer desires to keep his or her position.

If a person studies abroad, an “understudy” shall be trained in anticipation that they will need to cover that position until the person returns.

Article VIII: Impeachment

If an officer or committee head is in violation of any of the following; they may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the membership:

Dereliction of duties as per description of duties/responsibilities.

Three unexcused absences a semester.

Vacancies will be determined by a general member’s election process as outlined above.

Article IX: Priority Point Information

Regular members can receive a maximum of 2 priority points per semester

To get 1 point, members:

Must attend all our General Meetings (with 2 allowed absences)
Must attend at least 3 events (there will be a minimum of 4 events a semester)

To get 2 points, members:

Must attend all our General Meetings (with 2 allowed absences)
Must attend at least 4 events
Must participate in community service activity/event

E-board members can receive a maximum of 3 points a semester

Article X: Faculty Advisor

The club shall have a Faculty Advisor who shall be a member of the faculty of, or a full-time staff member of Marist College.

In addition, the Faculty Advisor shall:

Help provide continuity from year to year as student leadership and personnel change.
Promote good student-faculty relationships.
Exercise financial supervision if necessary by promoting payment of bills and collection of dues.
Represent the club’s interests and events to the faculty and administration.

Article XI: Projects

We may form committees to focus on specific events.

Committee Heads will be selected from applicants with the approval of the executive board.

The Committee Heads shall organize and lead the committee.

The Committee Heads shall report the committee’s progress at executive board and regular meetings.

The Committee Head may seek funds for committee functions through the club budget.

Committee Heads may only run one committee.

Article XII: Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws shall be reviewed by the executive board on a yearly basis.

These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the general members with the final approval by SGA.

Article XIII: Policies and Actions

The club must organize at least one community service event that is mandatory for all club members.

The club must also inform general members of priority point system in relation to the club.

The club must provide an environment that is supportive of difference and communication.

The club and any individual associated with the said club shall abide and conform to all federal laws, New York state laws, all rules and regulations of Marist College, and all directives of the student government association. Any violation of the aforementioned criteria will result in the disciplinary action taken of the club’s charter.




Meetings hosted on Tuesday nights at

9:30 with the rooms changing so

make sure to check the facebook

page for updates!

Meetings are usually held every week

unless otherwise stated.