Generator Magazine



President - Emily Hollenbach
Vice-President - Hayley Critchfield
Secretary - Summer Mosher
Treasurer -  Will Duggan
Creative Design Director - Charlie Stephenson
WebMaster - Nicholas Bradford

Generator Magazine

The purpose of this organization is to encourage and develop skills in magazine journalism, graphic design and advertising and to provide an appreciation of arts and entertainment throughout the Marist readership population. The club is managed by an elected board, an appointed editorial staff, and a voluntary creative design team and social media/advertising team. 

What are we doing?

Generator Magazine had previously been a well respected and fun publication here on Marist campus. Over the years, to no fault of the glorious E-board members before us, the Generator has lost its way.

We are the ONLY Print Alternative Media Arts and Entertainment Magazine on Marist Campus. 

This year, spear-headed my our fearless new Executive Board, Generator Magazine is focusing on Arts and Entertainment, while also highlighting our students and programs here on Marist campus and the local Hudson River Valley. 

We would love to have our peers join in and give us new ideas, inspire us, and work alongside us. We have reached out to various clubs and organizations and we would like to announce that we are in progress on making permanent relationships with the arts and entertainment groups on campus. So if you have a club, or would like to be a part of one, we are still looking for talented writers, digital designers, and advertisers and of course, topics to write about. 

So please, send us an email at or follow us on Twitter @GeneratorMag and Instagram @generatormagazine





Executive Board

  • President, Editor in Chief:
  • Emily Hathaway
  • Vice President:
  • Hayley Critchfield
    • Secretary, Literature Editor:
    • Summer Mosher
  • Treasurer:
  • Will Duggan
  • Creative Director:
    Charlie Stephenson
  • Webmaster
  • Nicholas Bradford
  • Faculty Advisor:
  • Kevin Lerner