Generator Magazine


Details of Events for Each Issue

General Meeting/Pizza Social

Articles for the October Issue will be assigned. There will be pizza and soda so come hungry!

Workshop Meeting (Optional)

For those who need some help with their article (what direction to take it in, simple proofreading, making sure it's appropriate, etc.), we will hold a workshop meeting where editors and e-board members will be available to help and answer questions.

Articles Due

Usually two weeks after the general meeting, articles will be due in by midnight to the email address

Edited Articles Due

Editors are to finish editing their respective articles a week after they receive the original versions from the e-board and send them back to Length and content is of less importance than writing quality and cohesiveness, since we are allowed more liberties with our articles than most other publications.

Unofficial Layout Meetings - Donnelly Computer Lab

The President and other club members will be in the Donnelly Computer Lab doing layout the week after the edited articles are due back. We will try to send an email each day with a time-block estimate, so you'll know when we'll be there that night. Most of the time, it will be between 9 and 10:30 or 11. Come on by if you're free.


Bringing piles of the finished issue to different areas of campus. Focus on freshman dorms, academic buildings, and common areas (both sides of campus).




Executive Board

  • President, Editor in Chief:
  • Emily Hathaway
  • Vice President:
  • Hayley Critchfield
    • Secretary, Literature Editor:
    • Summer Mosher
  • Treasurer:
  • Will Duggan
  • Creative Director:
    Charlie Stephenson
  • Webmaster
  • Nicholas Bradford
  • Faculty Advisor:
  • Kevin Lerner