Generator Magazine


Priority Point Information


1 point: 50% of meetings and 50% of activities.

2 points: 50% of meetings and 75% of activities PLUS the community service event.

3 points (officers only): 50% of meetings and 100% of activities (which includes community service event).

A meeting is either any layout meeting or a workshop meeting.

An activity is a topic discussion meeting/pizza social (the first meeting for each issue we print) and distribution (again, happens for each issue we print).

We hold 4 events, 2 workshops, and multiple layout meetings (that all compile into counting as two distinct meetings).

If officers do not complete all of the requirements to earn 3 points, they will be eligible to receive up to 2 points based on the criteria outlined above.




Executive Board

  • President, Editor in Chief:
  • Emily Hathaway
  • Vice President:
  • Hayley Critchfield
    • Secretary, Literature Editor:
    • Summer Mosher
  • Treasurer:
  • Will Duggan
  • Creative Director:
    Charlie Stephenson
  • Webmaster
  • Nicholas Bradford
  • Faculty Advisor:
  • Kevin Lerner