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Letter from the President


My name is Lauren Garner and I am currently the President of the Zeta Chi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Marist College. I am currently a junior here at Marist and in the Alpha Mu pledge class. I joined Kappa during my spring semester of my freshman year here and can honestly say that it was the best decision that I have made. Before Marist, I had gone to an all girls sleep away camp for four summers and was part of my high school women’s swim team. Therefore, when coming to Marist, I was looking for a close group of girls to surround myself with. As I went through the three nights of recruitment, I was welcomed by Kappa sisters with arms wide open and I had no doubt that Kappa was the place for me once I had to make a decision.

As the first semester in Kappa as a new member whizzed by, I learned the true meaning of sisterhood and grew very close to my big and many other sisters within the chapter. I found a sense of belonging within Kappa that I had not felt at Marist my first semester. I found myself getting overly excited for weekend activities with my sisters whether it was kickboxing, ice-skating or a picnic.
I took my first position the next spring as Public Relations and Alumnae officer. I chose this position because it closely aligned with my academic goals, which is to pursue a career in public relations. This position allowed my creativity to shine through social media, newsletters and planning our first ever Alumnae event this past fall. As I continued to become involved in Kappa and create unique relationships with my sisters, I knew I wanted to give more to Kappa, since it has given so much to me.
Joining Kappa was the most influential decision that I have made in my college career. Not only have these women become my best friends, but they have also become my sisters. Kappa is not for four years, but for life.

Chapter President
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