Kappa Kappa Gamma


Spring 2013 News/Updates:


  • On May 11, we closed out our busy semester with a yoga session to destress before finals. 
  • On May 4th, we bid our seniors farewell in a send-off ceremony by the river. We are so proud of the class of 2014, and will love and miss our seniors so much! Don't forget to come back na visit!
  • On May 3, Kappa participated in the fist annual Color Run for Autism speaks. The event was held at Marist and every runner was blasted with out favorite color, BLUE!
  • On May 2nd, Zeta Chi held it's semi-annual Reading is Fundamental event. This time, the chapter held the First Annual Kappa Kickball RIF Event. The event was very successful! All of the Greek organizations came to support us, and each team had to donate one children's book per player. Immediately following the event, ZX hosted a reading carnival at a local Poughkeepsie after-care program. Face-painting, coloring, and bookmark creating stations were set up, each complete with a pile of books. Throughout the carnival, our sisters got to interact with the children and read to them, and each child choose several books to leave with. 


  • On April 26 our chapter visited a local nursing home to spend time with the residents and play Bingo with them.
  • On April 12 our chapter gained 2 new sisters! A beautiful initiation ceremony was held, and ZX was SO excited to finally call the new members their sisters!
  • April 7 through April 11 was a busy week for Zeta Chi! Not only was it Greek Week (in which Kappa came in 1st place) but it was also Inspiration Week. During Inspiration week the Alpha Pi's and their bigs participated in the Newlywed game, took pictures around campus, and had their last new member sleepover.
  • On April 6th, the annual ZX Family Brunch was held.
  • On April 5th, the Marist College Dance Ensemble presented "Forever on the Dance Floor." Many of our sisters performed and choreographed, so the chapter went to support.
  • On April 4, our chapter participated in Relay for life at Marist. We raised $4,795 for the event and were the second highest fundraising team.


  • On March 30 our sisters held a chocolate fondue night!
  • On March 29, Zeta Chi participated in a campus-wide Greek community service event, cleaning up several areas throughout Poughkeepsie. Marist Greek Life partnered with Hudson River housing, and all seven Greek organizations participated. 
  • On March 26th, ZX hosted a successful Volleyball Tournament to benefit our national philanthropy, Reading is Fundamental.
  • On March 4th, our chapter celebrated International Badge Day by wearing badges, and some sisters shared why they are proud to wear their badge.
  • From March 3rd to 7th, our excited new bigs surprised their littles with treats and crafts each day during Big/Little week! On the last day of the week, the girls were given a cut out of a key that would match a certain key fob, revealing the identity of their big!


  • On February 28 our new Alpha Pis had their first new member sleepover!
  • On February 23, our sisters attended a Zumba class as a sisterhood event.
  • On February 22, our sisters jumped in the freezing cold water for the Polar Plunge. We were able to raise $346 for the Special Olympics.
  • On February 21, all of the Greek Organizations came together to host a bid acceptance day in the Cabaret.
  • On February 12, our sisters held a Kappa Kappiccino fundraiser in the breezeway to benefit the Special Olympics. 
  • On February 9th, 11th, and 16th Zeta Chi held it's formal Spring recruitment. The theme was Kappa and the City based after our favorite Sex and the City character, Charlotte, who was also a Kappa! We are proud to welcome 25 new members into the Alpha Pi pledge class!

Fall 2013 News/Updates:


  • On November 9th, nine new members were Initiated into the Zeta Chi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. We are so excited to finally call these beautiful ladies our sisters!
  • I-week took place from November 4th-8th. The Alpha Omicron pledge class spent the week learning more about ZX and participating in spirit activities, such as big/little newlyweds and taking pictures around campus with their bigs!
  • On November 2nd, the sisters of Zeta Chi participated in a sisterhood event that focused around self defense and protecting yourself.  The chapter learned a TON!


  • On October 26th, Zeta Chi attended the singer's concert, Night on Broadway. Numerous broadway hits were sung throughout the afternoon! Several of the sisters participated in the concert and a few even had a solo! Congratulations singers!
  • On October 5th, Zeta Chi held an Alumnae brunch during Alumni weekend.  Twenty-eight alumnae attended and Renie was honored and received her 50 year pin. The event also celebrating Kappa Kappa Gamma's Founder's Day as well Zeta Chi's 20th Anniversary this upcoming November. Fun was had by all!
  • On October 4th, the sisters of Zeta Chi participated in their national philanthropy, Reading is Fundamental at the Poughkeepsie Partnership Community Center. Zeta Chi read stories, colored pages with different cartoon characters, and designed bookmarks with children of all ages. After the kids designed their own personal bookmarks, they visited the face painting station where some fellow Kappas showed off their creative side. With the help of some sisters, each child picked out a new favorite book, donated by the chapter, to bring home and read.


  • On Sept. 22, the sisters of Zeta Chi started the fall season off right with a picnic at the Vanderbilt Mansion as their first sisterhood! A great time spent with great sisters!
  • On Sept. 10, Zeta Chi held it's informal fall recruitment with a Kappa & Co. theme. Blue fleur-de-lis cookies, cupcakes, and other treats were served while potential new members had the opportunity to learn all about Kappa Kappa Gamma and the chapter established at Marist. Nine new members will be joining the sisterhood this fall!







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