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 Our Beautiful Sisters

The Beautiful Sisters of Kappa Lambda Psi


Sister Shannon Cover- President & Social Chair Committee 



"Hi! My name is Shannon Cover. I am a Junior at Marist College, and I currently studying to become an elementary school teacher. I play Ultimate Frisbee, intramural basketball, and I love the TV show Supernatural and am slightly obsessed with dogs. I am really happy and excited to be a KLP sister, and look forward to my many semesters ahead!"


Sister Michelle Sarubbe- Vice President & Assisstant New Member Educator & Webmaster




"Hi! My name's Michelle Sarubbe and I'm from Wallkill, NY. I'm a psychology major with minors in criminal justice and social work. I love Netflix, s'mores, animals, and ice cream. I'm from the Beta Beta class of Spring 2017! Joining KLP was the best thing I did my freshman year and I love making memories with my sisters that'll last a lifetime!" 


  Sister Brianna Vazquez- Secretary 


"Hola! I’m Bri Vasquez and I am a Junior and Business Administration Major. I am part of the Beta Gamma class and joined KLP in the Fall of 2017. I enjoy long walks to the fridge and quoting the show Friends. Never thought I’d be part of a sorority but I truly am me in KLP!"



Sister Lauren Kania- Treasurer 




  "Hi, everyone! My name is Lauren, I'm from Long Island and I am currently a sophomore here at Marist who is studying Social Work and Spanish. I joined KLP in Spring 2017 as part of the Beta Beta class and I am so happy that I did! I never pictured myself joining a sorority, but I love having a bunch of sisters who I can spend time with and that I know are always there for me." 



Sister Ashley Witcomb- New Member Educator & Sorority Council Member 





"Hi! My name is Ashley and I'm from Long Island, New York. I'm currently a sophomore and I'm majoring in Biology. I am so thrilled that I joined KLP last year and I couldn't imagine a better group of friends to spend time with!"



Sister Bri Durkee- Social Committee Member




"Hey! I am Bri Durkee and I am a Junior here at Marist. I am studying Political science and minoring in Economics. I am part of the Beta Alpha Class and I joined KLP in Fall 2016. I love everything Lilly Pulitzer and enjoy going to the beach. I always wanted to be in a sorority and being in KLP has truly been a dream come true!"  


Sister Gina Annunziata- Social Committee Member 
"Hi everyone! My name is Gina Annunziata and I am a Senior here at Marist from Orange, CT. I am studying Fashion Merchandising and minoring in Business Administration. I am part of the Alpha Omega Class from Spring 2016. Aside from KLP, I am involved in Marist College Dance Ensemble, Fashion Inc., and the Residence Hall Council. Joining a sorority was one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far in college, and I encourage everyone to give it a shot!"
Sister Amanda Delaney

"My name is Amanda Delaney and I’m from Long Island, NY. I am a Senior studying psychology with a criminal justice minor. I’m a part of the Alpha Omega class of spring 2016 and I’m extremely happy that I joined KLP. I also love traveling, hiking, Netflix, and animals. I’m excited to spend the next few years at Marist with my new sisters and encourage everyone to try it for themselves."


Sister Madison Colledge 


"My name is Madison Colledge. I am a Senior studying political science and environmental policy. I love mountains, hiking, being outside in general, Parks and Recreation and the Grapes of Wrath. I am a Resident Assistant and Ambassador here on campus. I am part of the Alpha Chi class. I am so happy to be part of Kappa Lambda Psi and I love my amazing sisters!" 


Sister Dori Lei-Chee  


"Hi! My name is Dori-Lei. I am from O'ahu,Hawaii. I am a member of the Alpha omega class. The best part about joining a sorority is being surrounded by your sisters and knowing that they will always have your back. From the outside looking in, you can never understand it;  from the inside looking out, you can never explain it."



Sister Alyssa Mongroo- Philanthropy Chair & Social Chair





 "Hey there! My name is Alyssa Mongroo and I am from Poughquag, NY. It's a small town located about 35 miles from Marist so I am local to the area. I joined KLP in 2016, as a member of the Alpha Omega class. I am a criminal justice major with minors in psychology and global studies. I recently came back to Marist from studying abroad in London which I absolutely loved and am planning to further my studies there. In London, I interned at a Law Centre that specialized in immigration and housing law and locally, I held an internship at the Duchess County Human Rights Commission in Poughkeepsie, New York. After Marist, I plan on attending law school with hopes of becoming a human rights lawyer. I absolutely love life at Marist for several reasons: from the beautiful campus, the changing seasons of the Hudson Valley, the $25 Broadway tickets but most of all my forever friends that I have made through KLP." 



Sister Diamari Jones


"My name is Diamari Tahlia Jones. I am currently a junior majoring in political science. I enjoy traveling, art, and spending time with friends and family. Kappa Lambda Psi has changed my life and given me sisters who encourage me to do what I love. "



Sister Gemma Tebbutt- Historian & Greek Council Member




"Hello! My name is Gemma Tebbutt. I'm a sophomore and I'm studying Digital Art for my major. I love art, volleyball, and animals. I love spending time with my sisters. I know they'll always be there for me!"



Sister Madysen Gabel
"Hey everyone, I'm Mady. I am a junior fashion design major and I am currently studying abroad in Paris! I joined KLP in Spring 2016 as a part of the Alpha Omega class. I love to whip and nae-nae almost as much as I love all of my sisters."
Sister Edith Morrison 
"Hey! My name is Edith Morrison and I'm a Junior here at Marist. I'm a Fine Arts major with an interest in theater. Joining Kappa Lambda Psi has allowed me to embrace my weirdness and rely more on others!" 
Sister Marina Plattner 
marina plattner

"My name is Marina Plattner. I was born in Russia but raised in Greenville, NY. I’m a Social Work major at Marist. During my spare time I enjoy watching Netflix, eating cheese and petting every dang dog I find."


Sister Taylor Carney





"Hi, I'm Taylor Carney I'm a Junior and a Fashion Merchandising major! I am part of the Beta Gamma class and joined in Fall 2017. I love my puppy Peach, going to music festivals and traveling. I'm so happy to be a part of such an amazing group of girls in KLP!"



Sister Margaret O'Shea 





"Hi everyone! My name is Margaret O'Shea and I'm a junior studying political science. I'm from Morristown, New Jersey so I'm very passionate about bagels and pizza. Joining Kappa Lambda Psi was one of best decisions I made (and I don't make a lot of those)."



Abroad Sisters
Sister Sreya Sobti

"Hi everyone! I'm Sreya. I am part of the Beta Alpha class of Fall '16. I'm a Junior and a pre-law major. Other than that, I'm an RA in Leo Hall.  I love sweet tea, bubble wrap, and to do lists. Fun fact: I speak three languages. Lastly, I joined KLP because it helped me explore new sides of myself."


The Beautiful Alumni of Kappa Lambda Psi

Sister Leeana Batungbacal


Sister Abigail Brosnan


Sister Cailin Byrne


Sister Helena Walker


Sister Katie Milligan


                                                     Sister Beth Murphy                                                    


Sister Naja Innis 



Sister Autumn Kish


Sister Megan Kennedy


Sister Katie Husted


Sister Allison Farrell


Sister Emily Russo 


Sister Rachel Tyson

                  Sister Sara Silverstein                                              sara     

                           Sister Majay Donzo          

                      Sister Zoe Johnson   

                   majay                    z

                         Sister Tonya Sumner                                      Sister Cara Bibbo  

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