Kappa Lambda Psi


Sorority Bylaws

Organizational By-Laws

The name of the organization shall be Kappa Lambda Psi.

ARTICLE I: Mission Statement

The organization shall be a sorority named Kappa Lambda Psi. It shall be designed to show the true meaning of sisterhood in the form of social activities and community service projects for Marist College and the vicinity. It shall work closely with other Greek organizations and other on-campus organizations in campus and community related functions. The organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed or color.


ARTICLE II: Member Requirements

Section 1: Active Members

• Active members shall maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 per semester. If the GPA falls below, the member shall be placed on probation for the semester. Probation shall consist of a semester of limited involvement and Sister study sessions. Probation should be overseen by the Chaplain. The member shall complete five library hours per week, which may be included in the Sister study sessions.

▪   Each semester, they shall pay the full amount of dues, $75.

▪   They shall wear the organization’s letters every Wednesday.

▪   They shall attend all meetings or notify the Secretary 24 hours in advance if unable to attend a meeting.

▪   They shall participate in all mandatory fundraisers and events.

▪   They shall be a voting member.

▪   They shall not be eligible for nomination for any office if fines, dues and/or fundraisers are owed to the organization in excess.

▪   They shall be a member of at least one committee throughout the semester.

▪   They shall be eligible for a Little Sister. They must be active at least one semester prior to becoming a Big Sister, provided they meet requirements stated herein. A neophyte may be eligible for a Little Sister if there are an insufficient number of active Sisters willing to accept the responsibility of being a Big Sister.

• The New Member Educator and Assistant New Member Educator shall not be eligible for a Little Sister unless there are extreme circumstances.

• If an active member has already had a Little Sister, and the Little Sister is no longer involved in the sorority, she will be eligible for a Little Sister after everyone in her school year has received one.


Section 2: Inactive Members (For Abroad Members Only)

• Inactive members shall submit, in writing, their wish to become inactive within the first two weeks of the semester.

▪   They shall pay a portion of the required dues, $50.00.

▪   They shall not be eligible for a Little Sister, nor be allowed to take an active role in the New Member Education Program at the discretion of the New Member Educator and Assistant New Member Educator.

▪   They shall not be a voting member


Section 3: Associate Members

▪   They shall pay full dues.

▪   They shall pay full price for all functions attended.

▪   They shall not be a voting member.

▪   They shall not attend rituals or ceremonial functions.

▪   They shall not be eligible to run for office.

▪   They shall not be eligible for a Little Sister

▪   They shall not be required to participate in fundraisers.

▪   They shall not be required to attend meetings.

▪   They shall not take an active role in the New Member Education Period at the discretion of the New Member Educator and Assistant New Member Educator.


Section 4: Capping Member

A capping member must submit, in writing, their wish to become a capping member within the first two weeks of the semester.

▪   They shall pay full dues

▪   They shall not be eligible for a Little Sister

▪   They shall attend 75% of all meetings

▪   They may participate in the New Member Education Period if their schedule allows it, however the events they participate in will be up to the discretion of the New Member Educator and Assistant New Member Educator


Section 5: New Members

▪   New members shall maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 per semester.

▪   They shall complete all forms required by administration.

▪   They shall complete eight library hours per week, which must be documented by the New Member Educator

▪   If a new member quits or is dismissed during the New Member process they may not resume the process unless there is a formal discussion amongst the Sisters.

▪   They shall actively participate in the New Member Education Period.

▪   They shall have a designated Big Sister.

▪   They may hold any position within the sorority. However, new members may not hold any position on the Executive Board, excluding Secretary, or New Member Educator unless the situation warrants and the sorority as a whole agrees. They may only be eligible for positions other than any on the Executive Board or New Member Educator.


Section 6: Alumnae

▪   All members shall be considered active alumni upon leaving Marist College.

▪   A member shall not knowingly distribute the organization’s information or paraphernalia.

▪   Alumnae are allowed to attend the Morning Glory Gala, Alumni Weekend, Family Picnic, any Philanthropy event that Kappa Lambda Psi sponsors, and initiation. Initiation is through a RSVP system, if an Alumna does not notify current Sisters of their attendance they will be asked to leave. All other events are closed to Alumnae.  

▪   Alumnae are not allowed to attend mixers

▪   Alumnae will maintain respect towards the current Administration of Kappa Lambda Psi as well as the authority of the Alumnae Representative.


ARTICLE III: Positions


The President  shall hold office for one calendar year. She shall coordinate various activities for the organization. She shall preside over E-Board, informal and formal meetings. She shall maintain order at informal and formal meetings. She shall prepare an agenda before each meeting. She shall hold office for only one term unless running unopposed for a consecutive term. She shall supervise all officers and committees. She will hold Sisters responsible for their duties pertaining to the sorority and/or their positions held. She shall call a mandatory meeting at any time when it is deemed necessary. She shall hold a seat on Greek Council, if possible. She shall not have general voting power, but may vote in the event of a tie. It is strongly suggested that the newly elected president hold a position on the Executive Board previously.


The Vice President shall hold office for one calendar year. She shall assist the President with her duties. She shall preside over meetings in the President’s absence. She shall be in charge of the composites. She shall be responsible for one National Philanthropy Service Project and one Local Philanthropy Service Project each semester. She shall inform the Secretary of any excessive absences to insure that the absent Sister(s) have valid reasons.


The Treasurer  is in charge of all monetary transactions (dues, expenditures, etc.). She will give financial reports at each meeting. She must attend all Financial Board Workshops. She, as determined by the E-Board, has the discretion to eliminate any Sister from attending any function if the Sister has failed to pay her dues and has not contacted her with a valid reason. During meetings, treasurer will dole out fines and ensure that these fines are paid. These fines can be extended and rescinded at the discretion of treasurer. Treasurer is in charge of purchase order forms, petty cash requests, catering forms, and all other matters regarding the finances of the sorority.


The Secretary  shall hold office for one calendar year. She shall take minutes at each meeting. She shall review the minutes from the previous meeting at each week’s meeting. She shall manage and distribute updated contact information to each member of the sorority. She must take attendance at every sorority function. She will inform any Sister(s) if and when they are close to becoming an associate member. Absence or tardiness for all events must be reported to her. She can use her own discretion to inform the Executive Board if a Sister’s absences have become too excessive. She will be in charge of birthday cards, thank you notes, or any other formal gestures extended in the name of the sorority. She shall assist the Alumnae Representative in publishing the Omicron Star newsletter.


The Chaplain  shall hold office for one calendar year. She shall begin all formal meetings with the invocation. She shall preside over all elections and ballot tallying. She shall preside over all inductions. She shall receive all suggestions and disagreements through the sorority’s suggestion box. She shall mediate conflicts and disagreements between sisters. She shall make sure that any sister on academic probation does her study hours and gets the help that they need.


The Historian  shall hold office for one calendar year. She shall take pictures and collect various literatures pertaining to the organization. She shall collect information about sorority events. She shall compile these artifacts into books, recording the history of the organization. She shall not take photographs during rituals and ceremonial functions. She shall help the Alumnae Representative with the Sister Profiles. She shall be responsible for finding substitutes in her absence.


The New Member Educator will be responsible for overseeing the New Member Education process. She shall schedule and run events pertaining to the New Member Education process. The New Member Educator must have served as the Assistant New Member Educator during the previous semester.


The Assistant New Member Educator  will be responsible for assisting the New Member Educator in the New Member Education process.


The Public Relations Chairperson will be responsible for informing the Circle of events pertaining to the sorority. She will use her own discretion when writing articles about the events we sponsor. She shall be in charge of any suggestion received from any Sister pertaining to the publicity for the sorority.


The Alumnae Representative  shall hold office for one calendar year. She shall be responsible for the Omicron Star newsletter and Alumnae Gathering in the fall. She shall be responsible for updating the Sister Directory with addresses and phone numbers of active and alumnae Sisters. She must keep Sister Profiles up-to-date with the help of the Historian. The Alumnae Representatives are in charge of knowing what Alumna are attending what functions. When Alumnae are present at any sorority function it is her responsibility to maintain control of the situation and solve conflicts that may occur.


The Social Chairperson shall hold office for one calendar year. She shall be in charge of organizing all social activities, formal and informal. She shall organize at least one Sisterhood Workshop each semester. She shall organize the summer reunion. They will plan the Morning Glory Gala and Family Picnic in the spring each year.


The Greek Council Representative(s) must be in charge of the weekly reports from Greek Council meetings, including news and events for all of Greek life. They will collectively represent the sorority as a whole at every Greek Council meeting.


Assistant positions are possible for Treasurer, Alumnae Representative and Social Chairperson. Assistants will assist in the duties that go along with that position.


The Sisters of Kappa Lambda Psi have a responsibility and obligation to the sorority. Every Sister takes a vow of everlasting loyalty to the Sisters and themselves. KLP is only as successful as the Sisters want it to be. All positions are equally important. The main duty of each member is to be an active Sister of the organization. All Sisters must look out for one another and provide assistance where possible. Everything that is done is done for the betterment of the sorority and each Sister. The Sisters must uphold the principles of Kinship, Love and Pride.


Before each upcoming calendar year, elections for Executive Board positions, excluding Secretary should be held 4 weeks before the last meeting of the semester. Once elections have been held for these positions, the transition period can begin. As each person transitions, the former Executive Board member must hand down any sorority related information, binders, etc.


ARTICLE IV: Elections

Section 1: Sufficient Membership

Elections shall be held each calendar year at the discretion of the Executive Board. A majority vote is required of all voting members, including graduating members, for a member to take office. Voting shall be conducted by individual secret ballots. The ballots shall be tallied by two graduating members, or the Chaplin and the President if neither is running for office. The ballots shall be made up by the Secretary prior to the elections.


Section 2: Insufficient Membership

Positions shall be designated on a volunteer basis, with full, mutual consensus amongst all voting members. The members shall complete all accepted duties according to these By-Laws.


ARTICLE V: Meetings


Section 1: Conduct

• All officers shall live up to their responsibilities and present their reports at all formal and informal meetings.

• Meetings shall be run following procedure. Members shall be prepared for each meeting.

▪   All members shall dress and behave formally.

▪   All members shall abstain from smoking and eating.

▪   A member may, under no circumstances, attend a meeting or any other sorority function under the influence of any legal or illegal substance, even if the member is of age.

▪   A member shall be fined $1.00 is she uses profane language during a meeting.

▪   Every member must bring her meeting binder to each meeting or she will be fined $1.00.

▪   The members of Executive Board may dismiss disorderly members.

▪   Fines or dismissals shall be levied by the Treasurer.


Section 2: Absences

•The Secretary shall be informed with proper notice, 24 hours before the event, if a member cannot attend.

• If proper notice is not given, the member(s) may appeal to the Executive Board in writing to have the absence excused. This must be submitted by the following Monday meeting.

▪   A member shall be fined $1.00 if she is late to a meeting.

▪   A fine of $10.00 dollars shall be levied to members not excused, but absent from a meeting or event. Acceptable excuses include, but are not limited to: contagious illness, family emergency, work (except for Monday night meetings), class and family functions. Unacceptable excuses include, but are not limited to: Group meeting, homework, recreation, getting up early the next day. All Sisters are encouraged to be responsible and plan accordingly.

  • A fine of $15.00 will be charged for an unexcused absence from a new member event.


  • A fine of $25.00 will be charged for an unexcused absence from initiation.


▪   A loss of voting rights shall be levied on members with more than three unexcused absences in any one semester. In addition to this, each member will also be banned from attending the Morning Glory Gala, and will be prohibited from participating in Greek Week.


ARTICLE VI: Descrollment

If a Sister acts in a manner that puts the sorority’s interest at risk, she will automatically be considered for the descrollment process. These actions are not limited to, but can include, destroying sorority property, harming the institution financially, revealing sorority traditions, or putting any Sister in harms way. The process shall then proceed as outlined below.


Section 1: Formal De-scrolling Process

Subsection 1: A sister being descrolled

The Formal De-scrolling Process is as follows: One person must write a formal letter to the President, Chaplain or Executive Board in order to request a meeting to discuss the complaint of a given Sister.

A meeting will then be scheduled with the Executive Board, Chaplain, and the Sister making the complaint. Should the complaint be against a given Executive Board member or the Chaplain, then the first meeting will be held without the knowledge of that Sister. After the meeting, it will be decided if the de-scrolling process will progress to the next step. If the process continues, the Executive Board and Chaplain will meet with the Sister to whom the complaint pertains. After that second meeting, a decision will be made as to what penalty, if any, will be administered, possibly resulting in the de-scrolling of the Sister. There will be strict silence throughout this process. If strict silence is broken by the Chaplain, an Executive Board member, Sister filing the complaint or the Sister in question, punishment will result.

If the motion is to de-scroll a member of the chapter, the Sister in question has the option to de-scroll herself, let herself be de-scrolled, or present her argument to the organization.

If a Sister chooses to present an argument in her defense to the chapter, the chapter will be debriefed on the meeting with the Sister and the Executive Board. The Sister in question will have a total of ten minutes to present her case. These ten minutes can include up to two active Sisters acting as character witnesses who will each have two minutes of the Sister’s total ten minutes. The final decision will come through a vote done by a secret ballot. If that occurs, the Sister in question will learn of the result through either an e-mail or a follow-up meeting with the Executive Board, this is at their discretion. Then, this decision is final.


Subsection 2: A Sister descrolling herself

If a Sister chooses to descroll herself, there shall be an informal meeting with the Executive Board and the Sister to discuss the reason the Sister wishes to descroll. The Executive Board and the Sister should make every reasonable attempt to prevent a descrollment from happening. If a compromise cannot be reached, or the Sister feels she cannot commit to the sorority any longer then the Sister may continue with the descrollment process.

She has two options, she can choose a formal descrollment process and ceremony or to bypass the process. If she chooses the formal descrollment process then follow procedures outlined in Section 2. If she chooses to bypass the process then it is the Sister’s responsibility to notify her family as well as return her items to her family members. She then must follow the process outlined in Section 3.


Section 2: Ceremony

• The Sister being de-scrolled and the Executive Board shall be present.

• An invitation will be extended to immediate family members, but if there are conflicts the process will continue without the family members

•The President shall run the meeting

•The Executive Board and the family members shall wear formal black attire

• The New Member Education binder and meeting binder are to be returned

• Cross-over letters are to be returned, Candle, and membership card are to be returned.


Section 3: Decision

Once a Sister descrolls she must sign an agreement to the descrollment along with a non-disclosure policy. These articles must be kept by the President and filed with Dr. Hoover, the Director of Student Conduct and Greek Affairs.

A descrolling sister, or a sister being descrolled has the sole obligation to inform her family members.


Section 4: Sisters in Contempt

If a Sister descrolls through email, this must be documented and handed to the Director of Student Conduct and Greek Affairs. Once notified the Executive Board must follow procedure outlined in Section 1 Subsection 2. If the Sister refuses to meet with the Executive Board or ignores sufficent attempts of communication by the Executive Board, this signifies the Sister’s relinquishment of rights to contest or attest her descrollment. Inaction is action, and the decision once printed and handed to the Director of Student Conduct and Greek Affairs is final.


Section 5: Involvement

A descrolled Sister has either chosen, or her negative actions have mandated that she is no longer affiliated with Kappa Lambda Psi. Therefore her involvement with the sorority ends on the day her descrollment is final. Therefore a descrolled sister may not participate in traditions, events, nor the Morning Glory Gala.


ARTICLE VII: Executive Board

The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


ARTICLE VIII: Committees

In the event that committees are formed, their purpose will be to aid the organization in specific duties. Each active member shall serve at least one committee per semester, or they will be fined. This will be enforced as deemed necessary by the officer of that committee, in accordance with the Treasurer.


ARTICLE IX: Robert’s Rules of Order

Unless suspended, all meetings will be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.



By-Laws shall be amended by 2/3 vote of membership. These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members provided that a quorum is present. If such amendments pass by the majority, it then must be presented to the Student Government Association for final approval.


ARTICLE XI: Abidance

The organization and any associate individual shall abide and conform to all Federal and New York State laws, all rules and regulations of Marist College, and all directives of the Student Government Association. Any violation of the aforementioned criteria may result in disciplinary action taken on the club charter.



The sorority will abide by the NPC By-Laws.


ARTICLE XIII: Anti-Hazing Policy

Hazing as defined by the Marist College Student Handbook: An act which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student or which destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization.

Kappa Lambda Psi prohibits hazing of any kind.

In addition, Kappa Lambda Psi sorority also prohibits any activity that causes mental or physical discomfort, harassment, humiliation, or fear for personal safety. Each Sister of Kappa Lambda Psi shall uphold the previous statements in addition to the founding principles of Kinship, Love and Pride.

Kappa Lambda Psi pledges to abide by this policy. If any member should violate this policy, the witness must immediately notify their Big Sister, the New Member Educator, Assistant New Member Educator or Sorority President in order to make sure that Kappa Lambda Psi honors its promise to its New Members and future Sisters.


These By-Laws were amended and approved on September 11, 2018.




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