Literary Arts Society



The Literary Arts Society (or LAS, as it has been affectionately dubbed) is a home for artists of all kinds. Readers, writers and poets gather together for weekly meetings where they can share their personal works or just sit and listen to the words of others. LAS also hosts a variety of different events throughout the year - from poetry slam competitions to guest speakers. The group is for any and all creative souls searching for an outlet on campus.


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General Meetings

Meetings will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. in Student Center 3204. Bring writing to workshop!


Submissions are now being accepted for our creative magazine, the Mosaic! The deadline has yet to be determined. Submit short stories, poems, or plays, with a maximum of about 3 pages. Any artwork you wish to submit must be submitted digitally (use a high resolution camera for pieces that are not already digital). Our email is!

Fox Forum

Submissions are now being accepted for our academic magazine, the Fox Forum! The deadline has not been decided just yet, but it will most likely be around the same time as the Mosaic's. Submit your essays to! Try not to submit anything longer than about 5 pages.






Events Soon to be Announced!  

Executive Board