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Marist Democrats

This club is interested in offering a platform for students to discuss issues in our global and local communities from a progressive, liberal, democratic point of view.
Meetings are every Wednesday. Check out our facebook page for more updates and be sure to get on our email list!


The Marist Democrats host events such as the  Democrats/Republicans Debate, voter registration tables, visits to conferences for the College Democrats of New York (CDNY), documentary screenings, fun discussions of current events, protests and demonstrations,and host engaging info sessions on issues we consider important.

In short, we are a club that wants to help get campus informed and aware of important issues.

Marist Democrats




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We meet every Wednesday after classes

Executive Board

  • President: Henry Pratt
  • VP: Megan Nickel
  • Treasurer: Michael Romero
  • Secretary: Mark Palmer
  • Public Relations: Maddie Dintino