Marist Singers


 Marist Singers


 The Marist College Singers involves about 200 students performing in a variety of ensembles.

Singers, the general choir, performs full choral concerts, ranging from classical to popular literature, touring both here and more recently at Disney's Music Magic Days in Orlando, Florida.  Singers is also the centerpiece of Marist College's annual December Ecumenical Service, Lessons & Carols.

Membership in Singers enables students to audition for membership in more selective groups listed below. 

Chamber Choir is by audition only at the beginning of every semester, giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves with more advanced choral music.  Chamber Choir is offered additional performing opportunities, and usually performs every June at Carnegie Hall. 

Chapel Choir, also known as Liturgical Singers, prepares music for Sunday evening Mass at the campus chapel on a purely passionate and voluntary basis. 

Gospel Choir is currently at its peak, with high membership and enthusiasm.  Competitive and touring performance arrangements are in the works. 

The all-male, Time-Check, and all-female, Sirens, are highly selective a cappella groups, by audition only every fall.  The two groups perform at a wide array of on and off campus functions throughout the year. 






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