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"A hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and others in the field of software development, like graphic designers, interface designers and project managers collaborate intensively on software projects."

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The Hackathon Is On: Pitching and Programming the Next Killer App,
Steven Leckart, Wired, March 2012

The Marist College Computer Society hosts a Hackathon once per Fall and Spring semesters. Our Hackathons commence on a Friday evening with team building and finish Sunday afternoon with judging. Typically a good team size is anywhere between two and five people.

Spring 2013 | May 3 - 5

Sponsor: Morgan Stanley

Challenge: Create a Global Trading Placement Engine

1st Place Victors: Team Eat, Sleep, Code - Mary Miller, Zach Meath, Rob Rizzacasa

Tied 2nd Place Victors:

Team Brogrammers - Bob Nisco, Jason Parraga, Vin Raia

Team Midas - Andrew Spano, Stanley Yang, Antony Liang, Chris Ambrosia

Other Submissions:

Team Carrot Island Development Team - Anthony Barranco, Daniel DeNinno, Nicholas La Roux, Robert Whitaker

Team Cat with No Legs - Thomas Wojnar

Team Kronos - Travis Beatty , Michael Figueiredo, Brian Dones, Ryan Flaherty

Team Storgan Manley - Dan Miller, Colby Rabideau, Thomas Crescenzi


Fall 2012 | Nov 16 - 18

Sponsor: Marist College CS/ITS Faculty

Challenge: Create something that will enhance the lives of Marist students

Victors: Bob Nisco and Jason Parraga

Winning Project: ResNet Tracking - A revamped system for both students and ResNet employees to track CSRs/reports 

Other Submissions: 

Patty Alert by Colby Rabideau, Dan Miller, and Justin Svegliato

CUSP Assembly Registration System by Thomas Wojnar

Spring 2012

Sponsor: Etsy

Challenge: Create something using the Etsy API

Victors:  Colby Rabideau, Dan Miller, and Thomas Crescenzi

Winning Project:  Hipst-A-Graph - Check your hipster score with the Etsy api!

Other Submissions

Put A Bird On It by Greg Guida

Fall 2011

Sponsor: IBM

Challenge: Develop a Faculty of the Year voting system 

Victors: Colby Rabideau, Dan Miller, and Mike Rudden

Winning Project: Marist College Voting System

Other Submissions:


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