Marist College Club of Theatre Arts



Welcome to the Marist College Club on Theatre Arts (MCCTA)!

MCCTA is a student-run theatre organization that produces four to six shows and events each year. Our repertoire consists of musicals, dramas, comedies, Children's Theatre, murder mystery dinners, and varying projects through our Experimental Theatre Guild.  Students involved in MCCTA gain first hand experience both on and off-stage.



Join us on March 27th and 28th at in the Cabaret for for Me Too Monologues!

After hearing about the idea from a friend at Duke University, Marissa Russo decided to bring Me Too to Marist College. The impact Me Too has at Duke University is truly inspiring, and we believe that it can and will have the same impact at Marist. Although the Marist community is very supportive and caring of one another, we wanted to expose  some of the issues and struggles that Marist students experience every day.

With the support of a strong subcommittee, the word about Me Too Marist began to spread and interest sparked all over campus. Over sixty submissions were received this year. The stories made us laugh, cry, smile, and reflect. We spent winter break selecting these monologues from an incredible pool of submissions, and then got to work to bring them to the stage. We are so proud and excited to share them with you tonight. It is our hope that Me Too will become a platform for bringing the Marist community together through honest and open conversation about the stories that make us who we are. Thank you for supporting this new project!








Feb 26 - 28 @ 8pm

Feb 28 & Mar 1 @ 2pm

Me Too Monologues

Mar 27 & 28 @ 8pm

 Princess King

Apr 17 & 18 @ 8pm

Apr 18 @ 8pm


April 29 & 30 @ 8pm

Weekly Tech Hours

Monday 3/23 12 - 5
Tuesday 3/24 12 - 5
Wednesday 3/25 12 - 5
Thursday 3/26

12 - 5

Friday 3/27 12 - 5
Saturday 3/28

Work Call
Cast 1: 10 - 1pm
Cast 2: 1 - 4pm

Sunday 3/29 None yet

For more information on tech hours email Jim. The set building meets behind the stage at the Nelly Goletti.

For box office information contact Mena Buscetto, or check out our box office page


Executive Board

President: Tara Higgins
  • VP: Ryan Pané
  • Treasurer: Mike Parisi
  • Secretary: Austin Christensen

        • Managing Directors:
              • Mainstage and Experimental Theatre: Katie Wilhelm
        • Dinner Theatre, Musical, and Children's Theatre: Emily Crescitelli
        • Technical Theater: Curtis Brauner
  • Chairs:
  • Publicity: Nicole Musto
  • Production Management: Nadine Choucri
  • Costumes & Makeup: Briann Newman
  • Box Office and House: Mena Buscetto
  • Advisor: Matt Andrews