Nelly Goletti Theatre Box Office

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To reserve tickets for any of our productions, please email: 


Ticket Pickup Location:
Third Floor of the Dennis J. Murray Student Center
3399 North Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Additional Information:
  • Tickets can be reserved in advance and paid for at the door.*
  • Reserved Tickets can be picked up one hour before showtime.
  • Marist Faculty and Administration members are eligible for two complimentary tickets per person.


Tickets may be ordered in advance by email and must be paid for in person.

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Anything Goes 

Feb 21 - 25 @ 8pm

Feb 24 & Feb 25 @ 2pm

The Dining Room

March 23-25

 Me Too Monologues

April 12-14


April 24-26


Executive Board


Sia Vlahos 

  • Vice President
  • Maritza Puzino
  • Treasurer
  • Alex Philbin
  • Secretary
  • Tristan Rowley
  • Managing Directors:

Mainstage and Experimental Theatre
Anna McClear

Technical Theatre
Cricket Carletta


Stage Management & Properties
  • Kathleen O'Brien
Tara Kinsella
  • Club Marketing
  • Brian Bocanegra 
  • Costumes & Makeup
  • Gina Recchia
  • Box Office and House
  • Liana Frasca 
  • Advisor: Matt Andrews