Interested in applying for a theatre internship? Check out these links for theatre internships for students like you (primarily theater sound, lighting & production gigs & internships) (primarily for Film & TV jobs & internships - lighting, sound PA, Production)

ProductionNoticesNY (not a website - but group on Facebook, excellent source for immediate film & TV jobs in all area - sound, lighting, PA, Production, etc.)

We're always interested in knowing who is looking to direct and produce the shows. These positions are a lot of work but they are also an extremely important and rewarding part of MCCTA. Feel free to send in your appplication at any time. It will be kept on file and you will be contacted for an interview when a position opens up. There is always a position open...

What it takes to be a director:

  • Casting the show
  • Coming up with a rehearsal schedule along with the producer and stage manager
  • Helping direct actors in their portrayal of roles
  • Coming up with staging and creating the creative statement behind play
  • Leading and directing rehearsals

More information on what it takes to be a director is found here!  

Click here for an application.

Not sure you're ready to be a director...

We're always interested in having assistant directors!  Click here for an application.

What it takes to be a producer:

Below are some of the key things a producer has to do, but here is a more extensive list:

Producer Checklist

  • Helping director create scheduling
  • Reserving time and space for auditions and rehearsals
  • Getting programs approved and made for the show
  • Overseeing financial aspects of the show
  • Getting all publicity approved and up on time
  • Working with all show chiefs to help with any problems

Interested apply here!

Not sure you're ready to be a producer...

We're always interested in having assistant producers!  Click here for an application.

What it takes to be a Stage Manager:

Here is an extensive list of what a stage manager does:  Stage Manager Checklist

Interested apply here!

Not sure you're ready to be a stage manager...

We're always interested in having assistant stage managers! Click here for an application.




Feb 26 - 28 @ 8pm

Feb 28 & Mar 1 @ 2pm

Me Too Monologues

Mar 27 & 28 @ 8pm

 Princess King

Apr 17 & 18 @ 8pm

Apr 18 @ 8pm


April 29 & 30 @ 8pm

Weekly Tech Hours

Monday 3/23 12 - 5
Tuesday 3/24 12 - 5
Wednesday 3/25 12 - 5
Thursday 3/26

12 - 5

Friday 3/27 12 - 5
Saturday 3/28

Work Call
Cast 1: 10 - 1pm
Cast 2: 1 - 4pm

Sunday 3/29 None yet

For more information on tech hours email Jim. The set building meets behind the stage at the Nelly Goletti.

For box office information contact Mena Buscetto, or check out our box office page


Executive Board

President: Tara Higgins
  • VP: Ryan Pané
  • Treasurer: Mike Parisi
  • Secretary: Austin Christensen

        • Managing Directors:
              • Mainstage and Experimental Theatre: Katie Wilhelm
        • Dinner Theatre, Musical, and Children's Theatre: Emily Crescitelli
        • Technical Theater: Curtis Brauner
  • Chairs:
  • Publicity: Nicole Musto
  • Production Management: Nadine Choucri
  • Costumes & Makeup: Briann Newman
  • Box Office and House: Mena Buscetto
  • Advisor: Matt Andrews