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Marist College Television was formed in 1983 as an outlet for student productions, and as a way for students to gain hands-on experience in television production. Today, MCTV is staffed by 14 board members, and is supported by a membership of over 100 students of various majors.

MCTV broadcasts news, sports, and a variety of entertainment programming. The station also films and broadcasts various campus events.

Thanks to a prosperous relationship with Marist College and the Marist College Media Center, MCTV continues to grow each year.

MCTV’s content is completely student written and produced. As a club, we take pride in the creativity of our members. Each year, students have come forward with proposals for new content, and through a lot of hard work and time commitment, a variety of new programming has been created. From music shows, to talk shows, to sketch comedy programs, MCTV has helped a number of students bring their ideas to life.

I joined MCTV as a freshman, and could not be more proud of the way I’ve seen the club grow and develop over the last few years. I’ve learned so much from the time I've spent participating in MCTV, and I hope that new (and future) members of our club will obtain the same rewarding experience.

Katie Johnston

MCTV President

Marist '14


Want To get Involved?

Let us know! We are always looking for new people in News, Entertainment, and Sports! If you are interested or have any questions email us:


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General Meeting
Date coming soon

News                                       First ever live news show  October 29th at 9:30pm EST



Executive Board

  • President: Katie Johnston
    • Vice Presidents:
    • Brittany Jelinski and
    • Emily Crescitelli 
    • Secretary: Deanna DiBrienza 
    • News Director: Ali Read
    • Asst News Directors: 
    • Marissa Aiuto, Peter Malavenda
      • Entertainment Directors
      • Kristen Faubion
      • Pete Romano
    •  Sports Director
    • Zack Obid
      • Treasurer
      •  Chris Rouse
    • Web Master: Jeff Scott
    • Promotions: Caitlyn Flynn
    • Advisor: Sue Lawrence