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Marist College Television (MCTV) is a student run, student produced television station on the Marist campus. Producing a diversity of shows in the realm of news, entertainment, and sports since the 1980s. MCTV, as a club, strives to produce professional content, maintain a positive relationship with the student body and the faculty, and works towards the mission of making Marist a better place to go to school. You can find our channel at 35-1 on your local Marist listing, or the rest of our productions at MCTVHD, our YouTube channel.

MCTV President Andrew Auger
Marist '16


Want To get Involved?

Let us know! We are always looking for new people in News, Entertainment, and Sports! If you are interested or have any questions email us:


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9pm in Studio A

This Week

In Sports


9pm in Studio A

Later Tonight Show


9pm in Studio A

Outside the Box


9pm in Studio A

Middle Seats


9pm in Studio A


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Executive Board

      • President: Andrew Auger
    • Vice President: Dani Horbiak
    • Secretary: Molly Gamache
    • Treasurer: Kevin Kleinschmidt
    • News Directors: Dylan Gordon & Erin Murtha
      • Entertainment Director: Amanda Sblendorio
    •  Sports Director: David Hughes
    • Web Master / PR: Will Duggan
    • Advisor: David Akin III