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Marist Game Society is a club for Marist College students who have an interest in and/or love of gaming. It's a community for the hardcore fans as well as the casual fans, and of course for the aspiring game developers here at Marist. It's a place for you to come hang out with friends, talk about games, play games, and maybe even make a couple. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: that's what the club is for--to help YOU learn what you need to know.

See what we're all about in this video.

MGS meets every Tuesday night. At our meetings, we invite members to share their game-related work, share game development resources, and play games! What kind of games, you ask? Console games, PC games, card games, board games -- you name it, we play it.

MGS hosts gaming socials, game-related guest speaker events, trips to game events, game design contests and expos, outdoor game events, gaming tournaments, art & programming workshops and game jams. It doesn't matter who you are or what major you have; MGS brings a new and unique community experience to Marist College for all students.

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Game Day Spring 2017 - 3/25
12:00 PM - 11:00 PM SC 3102-3105

Card Game Day -  4/22

We meet every Tuesday @ 9:30pm in the SC3105!

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