Marist PreLaw


Marist College Pre-Law Club


Pre-Law Club Purpose

  • To enhance students’ knowledge of the legal profession.
  • To give students the opportunity to become a part of a network of students and faculty that share an interest in the law and legal profession.
  • To offer opportunities for students to interact with practicing professionals within the field of law.
  • To introduce students to the law school application process.
  • To develop a sense of fellowship that is beneficial to all.
  • To acquaint students with the various types of legal practice.

Priority Point Information

Article III: Members

Section 1: Membership is open to any Marist College Undergraduate student.

Section 2: The Club will meet monthly.

Section 3: Members will receive a maximum of two priority points.

Section 4: Members will receive their first priority point by attending at least 50% of the Pre Law Club's meetings and 50% of its events per semester.

Section 5: Members will receive their second priority point by attending 50% of the Pre Law Club's meetings and at least 75% of its events per semester PLUS the community service event.



Scheduled Events/Meetings:

Seth Agata
Event Date, Time, and Place:
September 30th at 12:30pm in Music Building Room 3203

Pre-Law Workshops

LSAT Practice Test
Event Date, Time, and Place:
October 3rd at 11:00am in Donnelly Hall Room 237

2015 Law School Recruitment Forum

Executive Board

Advisor: Annamaria Maciocia Esq.

President: Brandon Fernandes

Vice President: Evan Brucia

Treasurer: Shannon McStay

Secretary: Amanda Durney

Event Coordinator:Yumi Chavez

Web Admin: Robbie Occhipinti