Marist Clubs & Organizations


Pre-Vet Club

The purpose of the Marist Pre-Vet Club is to increase the overall knowledge of veterinary medicine by giving students hands-on experience and a network of peers and faculty who share interest in veterinary medicine. The club also works to help students understand the veterinary school application process and to help students cope with the high levels of competition of veterinary school admission. 

 The Marist Pre-Vet Club is registered with the APVMA (American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association).



November 14 @11:30 am Board Meeting
 Novemeber 14 @12:30 pm  Meeting about application with Dr. B

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Dr. Joseph S. Bettencourt
  • President: Kiera Egan
    Vice President: Allison Bolch
  • Treasurer: Sophia Todeasa 
  • Secretary: TBD 
  • Webmaster: Micaela Krauss