PR Points

The PR Point system is meant to encourage all members to become involved in the
Chapter. Points are based on time commitment and level of involvement in various
tasks. Marist College Priority Points will also be based on the PR Point system.

Points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Sign up as a new member of PRSSA  5 Points
  • Recruit a new member 10 PointsTake pictures for an esPResso article  10 Points
  • Attend a PRSSA general meeting or workshop  15 Points
  • Sign up for a committee  15 Points
  • Attend a guest speaker event  15 Points
  • Work at fundraising event  20 Points
  • Help with set up for PRSSA guest speaker or event  20 Points
  • Help with the layout of esPResso 20 Points
  • Participate in a community service activity  20 Points
  • Write an article for esPResso 20 Points
  • Write a blog post  20 Points
  • Run for an executive board position 30 Points
  • Participate in Bateman Competition team  40 Points
  • Participate in North Road Communications team  40 Points

NOTE: There will also be activities that come up throughout the semester that will give members opportunities to earn PR Points.

Member Status

Non-active member - Under 75 Points

This member comes to a couple meetings and guest speaker events. Other than that, they do not participate in outside PRSSA activities.

Active Member - 76 - 145 Points

This member comes to most general meetings and guest speaker events.

Silver Member - 146 - 190 Points

This member not only comes to most or all meetings and guest speaker events but may be involved with esPResso or on another Chapter committee.

Gold Member - Above 190 Points

This member not only makes an effort to attend all PRSSA events, but truly wants to participate in the Chapter at a higher level, whether it is through running for a position, on the North Road Communications team or participating in the Bateman Case Study Competition.

Priority Points

  • 1 point: Active members
  • 2 points: Silver and gold members


  • The person with the highest PR Points will receive their next year of membership for free (if a senior they will receive a $60 reimbursement).
  • All gold members will be invited to a luncheon or dinner put on by PRSSA.


April 5

Third General Meeting



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Executive Board

Chapter President
Nicole Tackley
Vice President
Katy Zielinski
Director of Chapter Programming
Vivian Wang

Director of Public Relations
Maggie O'Reilly
Director of Chapter Advancement
Nicholas Maio

Director of Finance
Carly Gray

Director of Member Services
Emily Morency
Faculty Adviser
Jennifer Robinette

Professional Advisers
Tim Massie & Michael O'Brien