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 Psychology Club

Welcome to the Psychology Club Site!

The Psychology Club consists of students interested in establishing relationships with faculty and learning more about psychology outside of the classroom. We organize a number of events such as PURC, Diversity Day, the Psychology Social, guest speeches, and community service-related events hosted by Marist College. These events present members with knowledge and experience with regards to the different concentrations of psychology. All majors are encouraged to join!


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2014 Meetings

Sept 8

1st General Meeting @ 9:15 pm
Sept 29

2nd General Meeting @ 9:15 pm

Oct 27

3rd General Meeting @ 9:15 pm

Nov 17 4th General Meeting @ 9:15 pm
Dec 1 5th General Meeting @ 9:15 pm
Dec 3 PURC @11:00am-2:00pm


Oct. 3rd - Psych Social (Dr. Dunlap's home 4:00-7:00 pm)

Nov. 5th - Dr. Van Ornum talk (9:15 pm MU 3202)

Nov. 20th - Dr. James Regan (Graduate school talk SC3105 7:00 p.m.)


Executive Board

President: Nikki Rohan (

Vice President: Irene Elias

Secretary: Tish Hicks (

Treasurer: Michael Schweitzer

Webmaster: Christian Haupt (