Ski Team


Ski Team

We are a club sport with generous funding from Marist College.  We compete in the McBrine division of the USCSA. For people considering Ski Team you do not need prior race experience.  We ski Giant Slalom and Slalom the first five weekends of spring semester. If you are looking to ski and in need of an activity on campus that involves a great group of people Marist Ski Team is the club for you!!

Members receive 2 priority points for each semester based on attendance to practices and meetings. We have practice two days a week during the Fall and meetings once a week during our Season during the Spring Semester. 

If you have any question's or interest in joining Marist Ski Team , please feel free to email our account:


SKi Team 12



Jan. 18th West Mountain
Jan. 19th West Mountain
Jan. 25th

Middlebury Snow Bowl, VT

Jan. 26th

Middlebury Snow         Bowl, VT

 Feb.1st   Magic Mtn, VT
 Feb.2nd  Magic Mtn, VT
 Feb. 8th  Pico, VT
 Feb. 9 th Pico, VT
 Fed. 15 th  Magic Mtn, VT
 Feb. 16 th  Magic Mtn, VT





Executive Board

President: Joseph Kopp
 Vice President: 
Shannon Haggerty Senning
Treasurer: William Ryan
Secretary: Erika Rothman
  • Advisor: Anny Morris 

Feel Free to Contact any of us!