Marist Clubs & Organizations


Student Life Association

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Mission Statement

“We are committed to helping students connect in residence areas through engaging and exciting activities, as well as providing leadership opportunities for students. Student life is an important part of the college experience, and the SLA members and executive board strive to make Marist College residence life excellent for all who participate.”



Jan 27th, 2016

RHC/SLA Meeting

Feb 10th, 2016

RHC/SLA Meeting

Feb 24th, 2016

RHC/SLA Meeting

Mar 9th, 2016

RHC/SLA Meeting

Apr 6th, 2016

RHC/SLA Meeting

Apr 27th, 2016

RHC/SLA Meeting

Apr 29th, 2016

Fox Fest
**Meetings take place at 1pm in MU3202**

Executive Board

President: Nicholas Titolo
VP: Nicholas Chhoeun
Treasurer: Vincent Caruso
Secretary: Kelly McDonough
PR: Daniella Inzerilli
  • Historian: Jacklyn Simon