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Club Bylaws

Marist College


Tau Beta Sigma – Iota Alpha

Revised: Fall 2015

National Charter:

Tau Beta Sigma: March 26, 1946


Chapters Established:

Tau Beta Sigma: April 21, 2001


All policies outlined in the constitutions of the Iota Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Sigma at Marist College shall be superseded by the governing rules of the Student Government Association of the College and the National Constitution Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority.




Be it known that Tau Beta Sigma, National Honorary Band Sorority for College Band members, is an organization supporting and promoting college and university bands and their surrounding communities. Said organization will abide by the purposes adopted by the chapter constitution.


I. Organization and Structure

            1.1.The name of the organization shall be Tau Beta Sigma.

            1.2.The executive council of Tau Beta Sigma is composed of the following elected positions:

1. President

2. Vice President of Membership

3. Vice President of Service

4. Secretary

5. Treasurer

6. Alumni/Corresponding Secretary


II. Executive Board

2.1.The active members of the chapter shall elect the officer positions of President, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Service, Treasurer, Secretary and Alumni/Corresponding Secretary at an annual spring meeting of the general members. Should the vote result with no majority for either position candidates will immediately present themselves to the open floor to answer further questions about their qualifications. Questions shall be limited to three rounds. Further rounds may take place if deemed necessary. After all questions have been asked and answered a new vote shall take place immediately. Should this vote result in no clear majority an appointment committee shall be established. The appointment committee shall consist of all elected officers for the academic year that the new Executive board shall be active for. The appointment committee shall interpret the constitutional fitness of each candidate by his or her collective interpretation of the constitution. If there is a constitutional question about the fitness of one or more candidates the general population may issue a non-binding vote for their preference of interpretation. The selections of the appointment committee shall have supremacy and may not be challenged.

2.2.The election of officers must comply with the calendar detailed by the Marist College Student Government Association.

2.3.The elected officers shall be active members of Tau Beta Sigma at the time of election and must comply with the criteria of membership in the Sorority.  Each officer shall possess more than the ordinary business ability and shall be capable of representing the board under all ordinary conditions.  Each officer shall have the best interests of the sorority at heart and shall be willing and able to devote necessary time to the execution of the office.

2.4. Officers will serve for a period of one (1) year or two (2) semesters.

2.5. The President will be responsible for calling all general meetings of Tau Beta Sigma, arranging for locations of executive board meetings, completing all College paperwork, organizing the group, endorsing all checks with the Treasurer, creating needed committees, and aiding the faculty advisor and Band in overseeing the directions and structure of meetings as necessary.

2.6. The Vice President of Membership will be responsible for recruitment and maintenance of general members, arranging for locations of prospective member meetings, completing all national membership paperwork, creating a Membership Information Packet, arranging for recruitment socials, and maintaining the knowledge of history to the general members. The VPM is also responsible to help the President when needed in other areas of concern.

2.7. The Vice President of Service will be responsible for arranging service projects that include projects within the Marist College community and projects including the surrounding communities. The VPS should also arrange projects pertaining to music empowerment and music appreciation. The Vice President of Service is also responsible to help the President when needed in other areas of concern.

2.8.The Secretary is responsible for keeping records of attendance, minutes, and status of members.  The Secretary will be in charge of keeping records of the club’s members and coordinating communication amongst its members. As well as keeping in account priority points and attendance at special events. The Secretary is also responsible for arranging for locations of general meetings, and completing all designated paperwork assigned by the college. The Secretary is also responsible to help the President when needed in other areas of concern.

2.9.The Treasurer is responsible for Tau Beta Sigma’s funds. The Treasurer will receive and disperse funds to and from the various components of the organizations, the executive board, and the College administration as well as keeping an accurate record of all transactions.  The Treasurer is also able to endorse all checks. It is the Treasurer’s duty to come up with and enforce any fundraisers, as well as getting approval by the faculty advisor. The Treasurer is also responsible to help the President when needed in other areas of concern.

2.10 The Alumni/Corresponding Secretary is responsible for keeping in touch with all alumni members of Iota Alpha’s chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, as well as corresponding to all other active chapters of Tau Beta Sigma, mainly in the North Eastern District. The Alumni/Corresponding Secretary may do this through newsletters, Birthday cards, or any other appropriate mediums. The Alumni/Corresponding Secretary is also responsible to help the President when needed in other areas of concern.

2.11 The Faculty Advisor will assist in the planning and monitoring of the budget and setting realistic goals and objectives for the academic year. The Advisor is not required to attend all meetings or other planned events but should be available when needed. The Advisor shall not have voting power. The Advisor shall be appointed in accordance with the Student Government Association.

2.12 The Historian is an appointed position, and shall have no voting power. The Historian is responsible for upholding the chapter history, keeping records of every class staring with the founding class, and update the family tree.

2.13 The Parliamentarian is an appointed position, and shall have no voting power. The Parliamentarian is responsible for making sure meetings and events are held according to the national constitution of Tau Beta Sigma, as well as college rules.

2.14 The Webmaster is an appointed position, and shall have no voting power. The Webmaster is responsible for managing the design, implementation, documentation, and updates of all Tau Beta Sigma website media.  

2.15 The line of succession is as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President of Membership
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Alumni/Corresponding Secretary

2.16 In order for an officer to be terminated, that officer must not be fulfilling the duties of his or her elected position. Therefore, the executive board must reach a ¾ vote for that specific officer to be removed.


III. Meetings

3.1 A regularly called meeting of the chapter shall be held at least twice a month, but preferably once a week during the regular academic school year. The chapter shall determine the time of the meeting.  

3.2 A regularly called meeting of the executive board of the Society shall be held as deemed necessary by the President.  The president shall determine the time of the meeting.

3.3 Fifty (50) percent of all active members of the chapter in attendance with at least two (2) officers shall constitute a quorum at all meetings.

3.4 All motions and votes must receive a simple majority (fifty (50) percent plus one (1)) of members present in order to gain approval.  Exceptions shall include motions and votes for all constitutional and judicial issues that require a seventy-five (75) percent approval.

3.5 In general, the order of business at all meetings shall be:

  • Reading of Minutes
  • Report of Chapter Officers
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Report of committees

When deemed necessary, the chapter President may change the general order of proceedings.


IV. Membership

4.1 Membership in Tau Beta Sigma entails active participation in the group activities and meetings. With this participation, it is hoped that the members of Tau Beta Sigma will possess a desire to serve the community through music as well as enhance the music program at Marist College.

4.2 Active members will participate in club activities on a weekly basis.

4.3 Active membership is only open to full time Marist College Students who participate in band with a minimum GPA of 2.85 or better.

4.4 The maintenance of the fine tradition of quality membership shall be the sole responsibility of the chapter. A membership candidate shall not be considered inducted until the National Headquarters has received the name and proper induction fee and until it has been recorded in the Master Roster at the National Headquarters.

4.5 A fee, as determined by the National Headquarters, will be assessed on an annual basis by members of Tau Beta Sigma. A payment plan will be implemented to those who cannot meet the membership fee.

4.6 There must be a minimum of ten (10) members to maintain club status. There will be no limitation to the maximum number of members.

4.7 The faculty advisor(s) shall be appointed by the Marist College Director of Bands, in accordance with Student Government Association regulations.

4.8 New membership education will occur at the discretion of the chapter.


V. Attendance

5.1 All general members must attend at least 85% of general meetings and 95% of chapter events to receive full priority points. They must also follow the attendance policies of the Marist College Band for any band related events.

5.2 All general members must be at attendance for 85% of the community service projects to receive full priority points.

5.3 All executive board members must be at 95% of all general meetings and95% of chapter events.

5.4 The executive board members must be at90%of the community service projects to receive full priority points.

5.5 Members are required to participate in at least 85% of total community service hours offered each semester.

VI. Priority Points

6.2 All elected officers will receive two priority points assuming that each officer complies with their specific duties and the attendance policy stated above.

5.2 6.3 Each general member will receive two priority points considering that all duties on their part have been fulfilled and they have complied with the attendance policy stated above.


VII. Parliamentary Procedure

7.1 Unless suspended, all meetings are run according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised


VIII. Amendment of Constitution

8.1 This Constitution may be amended by a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote of the members provided that a quorum is present.  If such amendments pass by the majority, it must then be presented to the Student Government Association for final approval.


IX. Policies and Actions

9.1 The Club and any individual associated with it shall abide and conform to all Federal and New York State laws, all rules and regulations of Marist College, and all directives of the Student Government Association.  Any violation of the aforementioned criteria may result in disciplinary action taken on the club charter.

8.2 9.2 Hazing Policy:  Hazing as defined by the Marist College Student Handbook:  An act which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student or which destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition of continued membership in a group or organization.  Tau Beta Sigma prohibits hazing of any kind. For any additional information about hazing the National Constitution of Tau Beta Sigma should be consulted.



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