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Coconut Challenge

Christy Ring of the Alpha Class gave a decorated coconut to our chapter as a gift many years ago. To give our members a fun incentive to be more involved in the sorority, we have begun what we call the Coconut Challenge. Each week, the most dedicated sister will be given the coconut to carry around and take pictures with.


Jaclyn Hockenbury

Jaclyn won the Coconut for having the best sisterly bonding idea.

jaclyn1     jaclyn2


Heather Muchowski and Caitlyn Murphy

Heather and Caitlyn won the Coconut for having the highest scores on our Greek Alphabet quiz. 

heathercaitlynA   heathercaitlynB

   heathercaitlynC          heathercaitlynD

Sara Lacey and Dori Misitano

Sara and Dori won the Coconut for having the best fundraiser ideas.

dori and sara  dori and sara 2

sara and dori 3  dori and sara 3

Jimmie White

Jimmie won the Coconut for having the best spirit during band camp.

jimmieA  jimmieB

jimmieC  jimmieD



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Executive Board

  • President: Sarah Jane Miller
  • VP of Membership: Toni Layne-Cotignola
  • VP of Service: Daniel Peck
  • Recording Secretary: Kathryn Eldridge
    • Corresponding/Alumni Secretary: Tori Fetzer
  • Treasurer: Lauren Suran
  • Webmaster: Danny Mulick, Christopher DiDona
  • Parliamentarian: Lynnie Marina
  • Historian: Alyssa Hogancamp
  • Advisor: Michael Napolitano