Theta Delta Chi


Theta Delta Chi Fraternity Bylaws


Article I      Name

The name of this organization shall be the Tau Triton Charge of Theta Delta Chi National Fraternity.


Article II    Purpose

Our Charge promotes academic, moral, and social excellence.  We pride ourselves on bringing together the finest men Marist College has to offer, who demonstrate leadership qualities along with the intelligence to serve their fellow brother.


Article III   Members

Section 1         Types of Membership

§  All brothers are expected to meet membership requirements to be considered an active member.

§  The Executive Board shall only look at an excusal from requirements after a formal petition has been submitted in writing to the Executive Vice President.  Absences which merit an excuse include academic commitment, employment, illness, hospitalization, religious observance, or family death.

§  Any member can be excused from their obligations with a two-third majority vote by the Executive Board.

§  All members are required to pay dues as specified in Article III, Section 3.


Section 2         Qualifications for Membership

  • All new members must abide by SGA and Greek Council directives for the recruitment period.
  • All brothers are to conduct themselves in a manner which:
    1. Respects all brothers equally and has respect for their opinions.
    2. Understands and promote the values and ideas of the fraternity.
  • Acceptance of the Pledge of the Tau Triton Charge shall constitute acceptance of the values and traditions of Theta Delta Chi as well as all governing documents of the fraternity.
    1. Any action which is in contradiction to the provisions of Theta Delta Chi Governing Documents shall be grounds for use of judicial procedure.
  • Absence from more than three meetings will result in judicial action by the judicial committee. Arrival to a Charge meeting more than 20 minutes late will result in a marked absence.
  • Ceremonial events including initiation ceremonies will not be missed. Absence from such events without a valid excuse will result in a suspension from all fraternal recreational activities.

Section 3         Dues

  • The Treasury Committee shall hold budget hearings required to compile a draft budget.  The Treasurer shall present his final budget proposal, as approved by the Executive Board, to the Charge before any changes may occur.  Final adoption shall require a vote by 2/3 of the Charge.
  • Dues will cover all expenses within the budget, and not otherwise funded by Marist College.
  • Brothers are expected to pay dues to be considered an active member within the Charge.  Failure to pay dues will result in judicial procedures by the judicial committee.


Section 4         Resignation/Judicial Procedures

  • Sharing of any information regarded as secret which include documents, oral or written communication, or details during closed meetings, is grounds for judicial action and an immediate expulsion from the Charge is the recommended national judgment.
  • Judicial Procedures shall be conducted by the Judicial Board and should follow the standards and guidelines outlined in the Theta Delta Chi national bylaws.
  • The Charge shall have a zero tolerance policy when referring to illegal substances

1.      No members may posses or use any illegal substance.  Such possession can result in judicial punishment with the minimum punishment being a suspension from the fraternity.

2.      The Charge outlaws the use of alcohol and illegal substances at any ceremonies or meetings.



Article IV   Officers

Section 1         Duties of Officers

  • President

1.      The President is responsible for conducting chapter meetings and keeping in direct contact with the national organization.

2.      The President will have full authority to suggest the creation of  ad-hoc committees to address an issue he deems credible.

3.      The President shall act as ambassador to all other Greek organizations and attend bi-weekly Student Government meetings.

4.      The President shall act as the Greek Council ambassador and will attend weekly meetings and other scheduled events. If he is unable to attend, he must appoint a representative on his behalf.

5.      The President shall have authority in all matters where authority has not been delegated elsewhere.


  • Executive Vice President

1.  In the event the President is unable to perform his duties, the Executive Vice President shall act as President.

2.  The Executive Vice President will preside as chairman of the Judicial Board.  He will be responsible for maintaining the guidelines set forth by the national organization for judicial proceedings. The Executive Vice President is not a voting member on the Judicial Board, but in case of a tie, he will have the authority to break it.


  • Treasurer

1.      Will collect dues from chapter members and immediately deposit them into the Charge's Marist bank account. Dues will only be accepted in the form of a check.

2.      The Treasurer will ensure that he and all members comply with all SGA and Financial Board directives for paperwork and policy in monetary transactions.

3.      The Treasurer is expected to keep both a paper and electronic record of all money transactions. He shall maintain records of receipts and all collections and disbursements from the treasury. These records shall be kept on computerized spreadsheets with a backup on a USB Flash Drive or similar device.  These records shall be sent to all members of the Treasury Committee to be closely monitored.

4.      The Treasurer will oversee the treasury committee and, with that committee, will be responsible for preparing a budget every fiscal year.


  • Secretary

1.      The Secretary will be responsible for preparing and keeping the official minutes of the proceedings of chapter and executive board meetings. 

2.      The Secretary will be responsible for keeping an official roster of members.

3.      The Secretary will be responsible for checking and delivering mail from all corresponding club mailboxes.

4.      The Secretary will be responsible for maintaining an alumni database.


  • Philanthropy Chairman

1.      The Philanthropy Chairman shall oversee all community service events and delegate responsibility for these events within his committee.

2.      The Philanthropy Chairman must arrange and execute at least two community service events per semester.

3.      The Philanthropy Chairman has authority over the philanthropy committee and is the chairman of that committee.


  • Social Events Chairman

1.      The Social Events Chairman shall oversee all social events and delegate responsibility for these events within his committee.

2.      The Social Events Chairman has authority over the social events committee and is the chairman of that committee.


  • Recruitment Chairman

1.      The Recruitment Chairman will oversee all recruitment and new member period events that are held. He will make sure all Greek Council directives are abided by and executed properly.

2.      The Recruitment Chairman has authority over the recruitment committee and is the chairman of that committee.

3.      The Recruitment Chairman is responsible for attending all recruitment events in preparation for formal recruitment. He is also responsible for educating potential new members on the logistics of recruitment.


  • Herald

1.      The Herald is responsible for implementing all aspects of tradition and history from the fraternity to its members. He will educate every brother and new member at every regular charge meeting for 15 minutes before regular business is attended to.

2.      The Herald is responsible for preserving fraternity tradition by supervising all ceremonial events.


Article V     Elections

Section 1         Method of Elections

  • All election procedures will occur in December of the school year and follow Theta Delta Chi National Bylaws for elections. Positions will be nominated during a chapter meeting and voted on by the entire chapter. A majority vote will elect officers to executive board positions.
  • Officers will hold transition meetings to educate newly elected officers on their positions.

Section 2         Length of Term

  • Each officer will hold a position for one year.
  • In the event an officer cannot fulfill his duties, an emergency election will be held following the same procedures as outlined in Article V, Section 1.


Article VI   Meetings

Section 1         Time and Place of Regular Meetings

  • Meetings will be held weekly on Wednesday nights at 9:30pm in the Byrne House.

Section 2         Number Constituting a Quorum

  • When voting takes place within the chapter a quorum must be present. A quorum consists of 2/3 of the total membership of the fraternity.


Article VII  Executive Board

  • The Executive Board consists of all members specified in Article IV.  The Executive Board shall meet bi-weekly or as otherwise needed to discuss chapter needs.
  • The Executive Board has the right to suggest to amend the bylaws as they see fit pending a final vote by the charge quorum.
  • Meetings of the Executive Board can be open to brothers who request special permission to attend a particular meeting and be granted an invitation by the Judicial Board.


Article VIII   Committees

  • The Charge shall have 5 standing committees that will function under their corresponding Executive Board officers:
    1. Judicial Board- Will follow the national bylaws and standing rules for defining active membership.  This committee will oversee issues with attendance, chapter morale, and general chapter etiquette.
    2. Social Committee- Will be responsible for the coordination and execution of all social events.
    3. Philanthropy Committee- Will be responsible for the coordination and execution of all philanthropy events.
    4. Treasury Committee- Will be responsible for working with the Treasurer to develop a dues budget for the charge.
    5. Recruitment Committee- Will be responsible for the coordination and execution of all recruitment events.
  • Committees will consist of a member from each class and a member at large to be nominated and elected within regular charge meetings at the first meeting in the beginning of the school year.  A quorum must be present and a majority vote will rule.


Article IX   Parliamentary Procedure

  • Unless suspended, all meetings will be run according to Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


Article X     Amendment of Bylaws

  • These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members provided that a quorum is present. If such Amendments pass by the majority, it must then be presented to the Student Government Association for final approval.


Article XI   Policies and Actions

  • The Club and any individual associated with it, shall abide by and conform to all Federal and New York State Laws, all rules and regulations of Marist College, and all directives of the Student Government Association.  Any violation of the aforementioned criteria may result in disciplinary action taken on the club charter.


Article XII  Hazing Policy

  • Hazing is defined by the Marist College Student Handbook: An act which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student or which destroys of removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization.  Theta Delta Chi prohibits hazing of any kind.


















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Rush Schedule

Fall Rush 2017 Schedule Coming Soon! For more information, please contact the Recruitment Chair Grant Hildman via email or (509) 389-6186.

Charge Meetings

Sundays at 3:30pm Study Hall
Wednesdays at 9:30pm Charge Meeting

Executive Board

President: Dan Kelerchian
Vice President: Zachary Blackford
Treasurer: Clinton Wagner 
Secretary: Dave Sayegh
Herald: Nic Mays 
Philanthropy Chair: Nick Kulbalski
Recruitment Chair: Jack Ryan
Social Chair: Anmoljit Singh 
Risk Manager: Justin Dibiase
Non-Executive Board:
Brotherhood Chair: Grant Hildman 
Alumni Liaison Tommy Villafane
Webmaster/PR Tommy Villafane
Faculty Advisor Bro. Frank Kelly