Teachers of Tomorrow


Meet Your Executive Board


President- Giana Dirico

As president, I will provide our members with valuable experiences that will further inspire them to become exceptional teachers. I am a junior in the Psychology/Special Education program. In the future, I hope to be an elementary special education teacher. 


Vice President- Catherine Sabatino

As vice president, I ensure that the events our club provides are effectively communicated to the Marist Student Government  Association as well as Marist College Activities. In addition, I assist the president in any way. I am a senior in the Psychology/Special Education program and aspire to be an elementary school teacher. 


Secretary- Molly Gnibus

As secretary, I am responsible for e-mails, advertising of events and meetings, attendance, and everyone's favorite, priority points. I am a sophomore and will be graduating with an English Adolescent Education major.  


Treasurer- Courtney McHale

As treasurer, I manage our finances, such as making deposits and withdrawals for necessities for our events. I also coordinate the catering for our meetings and events. I am a senior studying Mathematics and Adolescent Education in hopes of becoming a high school or middle school math teacher in the future.

Recce board bio

Webmaster- Jess Recce  

As webmaster, I update the club's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. I also manage the club website and iLearn page. I am a senior majoring in English and Adolescent Education, and I am looking forward to being a high school or middle school English teacher after graduation!




Spring 2017
Meeting Dates:
(Wednesdays, Student Center 3104/3105, 9:15PM)
January 21, 2017 (food served)
February 22, 2017
March 29, 2017
April 12, 2017 (final meeting; food served)

Event Dates:
2/2/17 (6- 9 p.m., SC3105): Hudson Valley New Teachers' Institute
2/6/17 (5-6:30 p.m., FN301): Adventures in Summer Teaching
3/5/17 (11:30-2:30 p.m., SC3105): Dr. Seuss Day!
3/22/17 (5-6 p.m., DY229): Dr. Brakas's Multicultural Literature Lecture
4/19/17 (11:30-2:00, FN301-- Henry Hudson Room): Student-Faculty Luncheon
 Community Service Event:
Book Drive: Youth Mission Outreach (2 books due April 23, 2017)

Executive Board

President: Giana Dirico, giana.dirico1@marist.edu

VP: Catherine Sabatino, catherine.sabatino1@marist.edu

Secretary: Molly Gnibus, mary.gnibus1@marist.edu

Treasurer: Courtney McHale, courtney.mchale1@marist.edu

Webmaster: Jess Recce, jessica.recce1@marist.edu