Ultimate Frisbee



February 27th, 2011- Marist v. New Paltz Best of 3

Marist hosted New Paltz on a surprisingly beautiful day.  Despite some snow the previous night, the turf was clear and the weather was great.  Both teams faced off in a best of 3 series with games being played to 11.  After a shaky first half, Marist dominated the second and won game one 11-7.  For game 2, complacency doomed us from the start, allowing Gunx to take a 3-0 lead we could never recover from, eventually falling 11-8.  It was Marist's first loss to New Paltz in a competitive game since 2008.  In game three, Marist bounced back and enjoyed a lead for most of the game.  However, with Marist up 10-6, Gunx fought back to tie the game and even take the lead 11-10.  Fox Ultimate proved we can battle back from adversity though and managed to take back the lead and win the game 13-11. 

Results: 2-1 +3

Marist 11 - New Paltz 7

Marist 8 - New Paltz 11

Marist 13 - New Paltz 11

November 14th, 2010- Don't Freeze Your Disc Off!

For the second time in our program's history, Marist was the site of an ultimate frisbee tournament, this time on the Gartland Athletic fields.  Seven teams turned out for the event and Marist fought past a tough Wesleyan team to complete their perfect fall season.!

Pool Play Results: 3-0 +23

Marist 11 - Wesleyan 9

Marist 13 - Hampshire 5

Marist 13 - New Paltz-B 0


Semifinals: Marist 13 - Hampshire 6

Finals: Marist 13 - Wesleyan 7


November 6th, 2010- What the Huck?

Fox Ultimate came out victorious on a cold, overcast day in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania.  Despite facing another weak pool consisting of a club team dressed in costumes, Haverford-B, and a ridiculous game against one of our favorite opponents, Kings College, Marist carried a winning attitude into the bracket.  Marist dominated their quarterfinal game but faced much stronger competition in the semis and championship.  Despite going down 2-0 to Wilkes in the semis, Marist fought back to take an 11-5 lead at one point.  The championship game featured a rematch against a much tougher Scranton team.  Things looked grim for Fox Ultimate after going down 8-6 to start the second half, but Marist prevailed with 7-1 run to close out the game and take home the title with a 13-9 victory, continuing our undefeated fall season. 

Pool Play Results: 3-0 +30

Marist 13 - Team Heim 4

Marist 13 - Haverford-B 3

Marist 13 - Kings 2


Quarterfinals: Marist 10 - West Coast Avengers 1

Semifinals: Marist 11 - Wilkes 7

Finals: Marist 13 - Scranton 9


October 3rd, 2010- Huck up the Hudson

After a long wait, Fox Ultimate finally returned to action in tournament play at Bard College on the first weekend of October.  The fields were small but the weather was nice and Marist finally found the long awaited victory they had been waiting for!  Despite an un-challenging pool play experience, Marist took the bracket by storm and never looked back.  Marist dominated Green Mountain College and faced Scranton for the championship.  Jumping out to an early lead, Fox Ultimate played a great cup and took home the title in a 10-4 victory.  Fox Ultimate couldn't have been happier to finally triumph in a championship game of a tournament!

Pool Play Results: 3-0 +20

Marist 13 - New Paltz 10

Marist 13 - West Point 5

Marist 13 - Stevens 4


Semifinals: Marist 13 - Green Mountain 5

Finals: Marist 10 - Scranton 4

April 17th, 2010- Metro NJ/NY Sectionals

Fox Ultimate experienced another first in our history: our first appearance in the UPA College Series.  Sectionals is the first tournament in a three step process to compete for a national championship.  Due to a weak section and 19 teams registering, the rules forced our section to be played out as a double elimination bracket.  At any point during the weekend, if we lost twice our season would be over.  Marist was seeded 10th out of 19 and faced a difficult first round match up against #7 The College of New Jersey.  After struggling in the high winds, Fox Ultimate came back from down 8-5 to take a 9-8 lead.  With the score at 10-10, Tyler Goodnough made an amazing leaping catch that would have put us up 11-10 but was called back on a very controversial foul call.  Despite battling hard on every point for the rest of the game, Marist couldn't find the end zone and lost a very winnable game 13-10 to a very strong team.

Our next opponent was #19 Stevens Institute of Technology in our first game in the Backdoor Bracket.  The wind made things very ugly but Marist prevailed rather easily 15-7.  Our opponent for the final games on Saturday was Ramapo, who we had defeated less than a week ago in our home tournament.  This was an important game for both teams because the loser would be eliminated from contention for Regionals.  Marist came out strong taking leads of 6-1 and 8-4, but then things started to fall apart.  Ramapo took a 9-8 lead and for a while both teams traded points.  With the score at 11-11, soft cap went off meaning the game would be played to 13.  Fox Ultimate scored quickly to take a 12-11 lead but Ramapo battled through the wind and tied the score.  On our next possession, Ramapo forced a turnover right on our goal line giving them an easy opportunity to score and win the game 13-12, eliminating Marist from the playoffs.  Despite the disappointing conclusion, Fox Ultimate fought hard and came within a few lucky breaks of advancing to the further rounds of Sectionals.  We had a great season and cannot wait to try again next year.


Championship Bracket: (#10) Marist 10 - (#7) TCNJ 13

Backdoor Bracket: (#10) Marist 15 - (#19) Stevens 7

Backdoor Bracket: (#10) Marist 12 - (#8) Ramapo 13


April 11th, 2010- Po-Town Throwdown

For the first time in Marist College history, our school was the location of an intercollegiate ultimate frisbee tournament.  Adelphi, Bard, SUNY-New Paltz, SUNY-Purchase, Ramapo, Vassar and Marist competed in the first Po-Town Throwdown on the football stadium field with Marist beating Ramapo for the championship.  After a rocky start to our first time running a tournament, the rest of the day went smoothly and the tournament turned out to be a success!  Thank you to everyone who participated and came down to support our team!

Pool Play Results: 4-0 +27

Marist 13 - Adelphi 4

Marist 15 - Vassar 5

Marist 14 - New Paltz 11

Marist 13 - Purchase 8

Bracket: #2 seed out of 4

Semi-finals: (#2) Marist 13 - (#3) New Paltz 12

Final: (#2) Marist 15 - (#1) Ramapo 5


March 16th-18th, 2010- High Tide

For the second straight year, Fox Ultimate traveled to southern Georgia for their spring break to compete in this nationally recognized tournament.  Day 1 consisted of pool play, day 2 was reseeds and more pool play and day 3 consisted of the bracket.  Our first pool had us face 3 teams we had already seen before, which was a little disappointing because we were hoping to see some new schools, especially some larger ones such as Iowa and Oklahoma State.  Marist went 3-0 +25 on day 1, which put us in the power pool on day 2 with all the other teams who won their original pool.  Day 2 brought little success however, as rain, wind, injuries and some very tough opponents in UMBC, Lafayette, and Denison caused Marist to go 1-2 -5.  Despite the rough day, Marist got the 3 seed for the bracket and faced #6 Iowa in the quarters.  Unfortunately, Iowa was a much better team than their record and seed indicated and Marist fell to an early hole we couldn't climb out of.  While we battled hard, we couldn't overcome the deficit and lost 12-8 to the eventual champions.  Despite the disappointing finish, Fox Ultimate showed it could hang tough with some of the best teams and we look forward to our next opportunity to challenge ourselves against the elite!


Day 1: Marist 13 - Vassar 2, Marist 12 - Wheaton 4, Marist 12 - New Haven 6

Day 2: Marist 8 - UMBC 11, Marist 5 - Lafayette 10, Marist 12 - Denison 8

Bracket: #3 seed out of 8

Quarterfinals: (#3) Marist 8 - (#6) Iowa 12


March 6th-7th, 2009- Saturday Nigh Scurvy in Disc Wavin' New Haven

In our first outdoor tournament of the spring season, Fox Ultimate took headed east to New Haven, CT for a great tournament to help us prepare for Georgia.  Despite predictions of cold, rainy, and muddy conditions, the weather was pleasant and warm for the first weekend of March.  Day 1 featured pool play and Marist dominated the competition going 4-0 +27 with wins over Bard, Sarah Lawrence, Olin, and Wheaton.  Day 2 consisted of the bracket with Marist taking the #3 seed out of 18 teams.  We began the day against rival New Paltz and they showed us what happens when you get complacent and enter a game thinking the opponent has no chance.  Gunx took a 4-0 lead before Marist got their act together and rolled off an impressive 11-0 run to put the game out of reach.  The next round pitted us against a mix of the New Hampshire A/B team where Marist prevailed fairly easily.  Fox Ultimate beat New Haven in the semifinals to advance to the championship game against #1 seeded Connecticut College.  Sadly, Conn College was a very strong team and Marist couldn't compete, falling 13-6.  On the bright side, we had a very strong performance and a great showing before our trip to Georgia!

Pool Play Results 4-0 +21:

Marist 11 - Bard 6

Marist 11 - Sarah Lawrence 2

Marist 8 - Olin 5

Marist 9 - Wheaton 4

Bracket: #3 out of 18

1st Round: Marist 12 - New Paltz 8

Quarterfinals: Marist 9 - New Hampshire 5

Semi-finals: Marist 11 - New Haven 5

Finals: Marist 6 - Conn College 13


November 15th, 2009- Mid-Hudson River Valley Showdown

Fox Ultimate hosted the 1st Mid-Hudson River Valley Showdown, a small annual tournament between the colleges of the Mid-Hudson River Valley.  Marist hosted New Paltz and Vassar in a one day round robin tournament with Marist going undefeated, continuing our perfect record against schools of the Mid-Hudson River Valley.


Marist 15 - Vassar 8

Vassar 15 - New Paltz 13

Marist 15 - New Paltz 3



3/5-3/6 Long Island Classic
3/14-3/19 High Tide in Georgia
3/26 Bloomsburg
4/2-4/3 Garden State Open
4/17-4/18 Conference Championships

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Dan Jast



Junior Captains: 

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