UN Club


UN Club

The United Nations Club at Marist College (UNCMC) is an academically focused student organization with the intention of building awareness and connectivity within the Marist, Hudson River Valley, national, and international communities.

The UNCMC hopes to spread awareness of global issues through discussion of current events, participation in internationally focused events, and encouragement of cross-cultural conversation and exchange. Students will also become aware of how political, economic and cultural differences and misunderstandings affect international relations. Students are able to gain understanding about current global affairs through conversations lead during meetings. 

The primary function of the club is to help spread awareness and stimulate involvement in our global community. Through attendance at seminars and panel discussions, the UNCMC hopes to spur creative thinking to advance diplomatic relations in our international society. Another key mode of engagement includes planned interactions with real-world professionals and diplomats with experience in the field of international affairs.

The club’s members will also have the choice of participating in Model UN conferences, should funding and interest be present. Annual trips to the UN are planned in the Fall, and the club does mock UN simulations as events. 

Current Board Members and Contact Information

President - Samantha Monroe           //  Samantha.Monroe1@marist.edu

Vice President -  Amy Majkrzak          //  Amy.Majkrzak@marist.edu

Secretary - Nick Maio                     //  Nick.Maio1@marist.edu

Treasurer - Pat Hickey                      //  Patrick.Hickey1@marist.edu

Public Relations - Joseph Nasca       //  Joseph.Nasca1@marist.edu

Webmaster - Autumn Kish                //  Autumn.Kish1@marist.edu


          Club Email UNClubMarist@gmail.com



Feb 9 , 2017 Weekly Meeting
Feb 23, 2017 Weekly Meeting
Mar 9, 2017  Weekly Meeting

Executive Board

  • Advisor: Dr. Juris
  • President: Samantha Monroe 
  • VP: Amy Majkrzak 
  • Treasurer: Pat Hickey
  • Secretary: Nick Maio
  • PR Manager: Joseph Nasca
  • Website Facilitator: Autumn Kish