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This is the official website for the Marist Men's Club Volleyball Team. Our mission is to play Volleyball at a competitive level against local Club and Division III teams and to compete in New England Collegiate Volleyball League (NECVL) by playing in sponsored tournaments throughout the region. The Marist Men's Volleyball team is currently the reining NECVL division II Champions. We are captained by Senior Marc Hopper and Junior Dan Kelerchian. We consist mainly of Volleyball players with High-School Volleyball experience. We encourage anyone who is interested in playing Volleyball on a competitive level to come to any of our practices, which take place in the McCann Center on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7:00 - 9:00 PM (Times are subject to change).  Feel free to Direct message us on our social media or email us below about coming to practice.

Feel free to contact us at or check out our Facebook GroupInstagram, or Twitter for additional information, pictures, and game footage!


Quick Team Stats:

2019 Ranked #12 in the nation for D2

2018 NECVL Champions

7 NECVL All-Star selections since 2015


9th Ranked University in the North East Region by US News



Tournament Update: New Haven 1/27/19

Murray 19/36
Hopper 13/26
Ben 8/14
Chris 7/13
Reno 6/10
Kelerchian 6/12
Cooney 4/5
Kurdz 2/3
Dwyer 2/4
Pete 2/4
Cam 1/2
Nate 1/1 - best kill of the day! 

Ben 6
Dwyer 6
Chris 5
Zac 2
Cooney 2
Reno 2
Hopper 1
Murray 1
Cam 1

Imi -27
Nate 7
Dwyer 5
Eric 5
Reno 4
Hopper 4
Dakota 4
Murray 3
Kelerchian 1
Cam 1

Imi -8
Dwyer - 4
Eric -2
Brad -2
Cooney -1
Dakota -1
Murray -1
Hopper -1

Dwyer -5
Imi -5
Hopper -4
Brad -2
Reno -1
Eric -1
Nate - 1
Cooney -1

Matt 58/97
Zac 10/19

Record Books

Divisional Pool Play Record: 4-0 





Monday 7-9pm                   
Tuesday 7-9pm
Thursday 7-9pm

Regular Season Tournaments:

Jan 27 - @ New Haven (CT)

Feb 10 - @ Williams (MA)

Mar 2 - @ New Haven (CT)

Apr 6-7 Championships at UNH 

Apr 17-20 Nationals in Denver 

Home tournament @ Marist - TBD


Executive Board

Head Coach: Rich Kelly

  • President: Marc Hopper
  • Vice President: Dan Kelerchian
  • Treasurer: Ryan Murray (FR)
  • Secretary: Matt Dwyer