Men's Club Volleyball


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Current Members


Executive Board:

Head Coach: Rich Kelly

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY 

Height: 6'1"

Position: Team Heckler/Coach

Fun Fact: I am a reality TV junkie


Marc Hopper- Senior/ Captain/ President #4

Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ

Height: 6'2"

Position: Outside Hitter

Fun Fact: "I am a peacock, you gotta let me fly!"


Dan Kelerchian- Junior/ Assistant Captain/ Vice President #18

Hometown: Old Bethpage, Long Island

Height: 6'4"

Position: Right Side Hitter

Fun Fact: I am Gordan Ramsey with a Crockpot 


Ryan Murray- Sophomore/ Treasurer #11
Hometown: Albany, NY
Height: 6'1"
Postion: Outside/Middle
Fun Fact: I had a crush on my 7th-grade math teacher


Matt Dwyer- Sophomore/ Secretary #17

Hometown: Delmar, NY
Height: 6'6"
Position: Setter
Fun Fact: My tee-ball team turned a quadruple play


Ben Jenkins- Senior #25

Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY

Height: 6'5"

Position: Middle

Fun Fact:  Fear the Beard


Brad Mobeck- Junior #10

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Height: 5'9"

Position: Libero/DS

Fun Fact: I find joy in collecting coins


Chris McNamara- Junior #78

Hometown: Suffern, NY

Height: 6'3"

Position: Middle

Fun Fact: I Sing better than Will Ferrel in Step Brothers


Dakota Barnoski- Sophomore #19

Hometown:  Nesconset, NY


Height: 5'7"

Position: DS/ Outside Hitter

Fun Fact: I have  never actually been to the Midwest



Dan Confreda- Junior #2

Hometown: Park Ridge, NJ

Height: 6'1"

Position: Middle

Fun Fact: I can cook minute rice in 58 seconds


Davis Ka'imipono Haas- Sophomore #23

Hometown: Kailua, HI

Height: 6'

Position: Libero/Outside

Fun Fact: He Hawai'i Au Mau a Mau


Eric Jackson- Sophomore #3

Hometown: Holtsville, NY

Height: 5'9"

Position: Libero

Fun Fact: I do not know who Pickle Rick is. Why does everyone call me this?


Paul Cooney- Junior #15

Hometown: Bellmore, NY

Height: 6'2"

Position: Middle

Fun Fact: I love to fish


Paul Mast- Junior #22

Hometown:  Upper saddle river, NJ


Height: 6'1"

Position: Outside

Fun Fact: I was voted best hair in High School


Reno Williams- Junior #6

Hometown: Palmdale, Ca

Height: 6'0"

Position: Outside/Rightside

Fun Fact: I am a part-time Gymnast


Ryan Kurdziel- Sophomore #12

Hometown: Wayne, NJ

Height: 5'11"

Position: Right side hitter

Fun Fact: Certified Dragon


Zac James- Sophomore #16

Hometown:  Ridgefield, CT

Height: 6'1"

Position: Setter

Fun Fact: I'm a big Dino guy


Nate Grivers- Freshman #9

Hometown: South Winsor CT

Height: 5'6"

Position: Libero/DS

Fun Fact: I am undefeated in Mario Kart on the Wii


Maxwell Tieche- Freshman #14

Hometown: Cortlandt Manor

Height: 6'2"

Position: Middle

Fun Fact: I taught magic classes for three years


Cameron Poutre- Freshman #20

Hometown: Southborough, MA

Height: 6'3"

Position: Middle

Fun Fact: I used to live in California


Pete Rickenbach- Freshman #32

Hometown: Woodbury, CT

Height: 6'4"

Position: Middle

Fun Fact: I play the violin



Cara Mattioli- Junior

Hometown: East Williston, Long Island

Height: 5'7"

Position: Team Bookie

Fun Fact: I was known as legs and noodle arms in high school


Tatiana Vega- Junior

Hometown: Hawthorne, NJ

Height: 5'7"

Position: Cinematographer

Fun Fact: My first concert was the Cheetah Girls


Micaela Cardozo- Manager

Hometown: Woodbridge, CT

Height: 5'8"

Position: Left Bench/Twetter

Fun Fact: My all-time favorite TV show is Spongebob






Monday 7-9pm                   
Tuesday 7-9pm
Thursday 7-9pm

Regular Season Tournaments:

Jan 27 - @ New Haven (CT)

Feb 10 - @ Williams (MA)

Mar 2 - @ New Haven (CT)

Apr 6-7 Championships at UNH 

Apr 17-20 Nationals in Denver 

Home tournament @ Marist - TBD


Executive Board

Head Coach: Rich Kelly

  • President: Marc Hopper
  • Vice President: Dan Kelerchian
  • Treasurer: Ryan Murray (FR)
  • Secretary: Matt Dwyer